November 12



Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away.


2 weeks.


That means that Christmas is 6 weeks away.


Are you as prepared as I am?


And by prepared I mean didn’t realize till this very minute that I don’t have much time left for shopping, and oh. my. goodness.  I had better start thinking and doing!




Where is the proverbial sand so I can stick my head in?



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10 thoughts on “November 12”

  1. We are doing mostly handmade gifts, so there is some preparation involved, but what I hate is not the feeling that I have no time to do so much, but the feeling that I have to do so much. I want to enjoy the lights and the food and the time with family and just relish the holidays instead of feeling so overwhelmed.

  2. we are buying a house, finally. I have no idea how we are going to swing gifts. I mean we are already broke. we just want to go and hide this season. hide in our new home that is.

  3. Haven’t even put much thought to it all yet.

    Should I get started on that soon? Especially being my family exchanges gifts at Thanksgiving? Ok. I suppose I should. Gawk!

  4. I am as prepared as you are – as in, I want to find the sand too. I am, however, done with Thanksgiving. Canadian Thanksgiving is the 2nd weekend in October.

  5. My saving grace has been the after Christmas sales at Macy’s and Crate and Barrel the last two years, lots of gifts for not much money!!!! Other than baking and a few gifts for my Mom, I am nearly finished!

  6. A few gifts are in the process of being made and Christmas programs at church are well under way. I will be spending countless hours on the music for the next several weeks.
    I’m not stressed about Christmas, but it will probably be one of those years where the Christmas tree & my Nativities are about the only decoration.

  7. My time of year!! Can’t wait till Thanksgiving so I can put up my decorations. Gifts,of course will be small ,but we all know that isn’t what it is about. The season does seem to sneak up on us,doesn’t it?

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