10 thoughts on “November 9”

  1. LOL! ut oh they are going to have you as their next victim where they will (just like Letterman did with placing 50 people dressed as the Easter Bunny into a local coffee shop to see the reactions of customers) place a bunch of men and now women, standing with shovels in hand on your lawn.

  2. These guys can’t hold a candle to their counterparts in Chicago.

    Chicago Streets and Sanitation workers are the gold standard in the business of doing nothing, laurel resting and other activities. The TV station airs stories all the time. Just the other night they had video of Streets and San. working picking through the garbage, wrapping up their best finds (mirrors, furniture) and loading it on the city truck to take home!

    – Suzanne

  3. I don’t think the shovel stander would want to take something to fix the “illness.” Might have to start moving that shovel if the cure worked.

  4. What is that hand shovel all about??!! I’ve seen more workers with a hand shovel in their hands! You’d think that with a back hoe doing all the work you wouldn’t NEED a hand shovel! I’m convinced they just want to show the public that they have a REAL reason for getting paid by holding a hand shovel. But, they’re not fooling anybody because I NEVER see any body actually DIGGING with their hand shovel. I only see them LEANING on it! I WANT THAT JOB!!

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