November 7

It is Saturday, Internet.


The chips are not in the house.


What do you and your hubbie do when your kiddos are gone for the day?




Honey-do list?


Sit and veg with a movie?


Go out?


Make Superman mow the grass?


Tell me.   It has been so long since this has happened I don’t know what to do.




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12 thoughts on “November 7”

  1. In about an hour I’m taking the kids out of the house so my hubby can tackle his list. He has got to do some yard work and it’s almost impossible with the kids around.

    I think you all should lounge around in your jammies and then go to lunch!

  2. I kind of look forward to the day when all the kids will be out of the house and we can be at home. But we have four and the youngest is still only 2 1/2. It will be a long time yet, I think.

  3. There is always trucking business that needs our undivided attention. Always! 😦 Then we go out for a bite and get groceries.

    We are VERY boring people. See why I am still watching Survivor even tho it irritates me? haha

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