November 6

Dear producers of Survivor,

Next season, if you showcase just one person, I will QUIT WATCHING!



a Russel hater


Hi Internet!


It is Friday and I am nosy.


How many sets of dishes do you have? and what kind of pattern are they?


I have Longaberger.






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  1. I have two sets. One is a cheap off white set that I got from Target…it’s stoneware and is an off white color. I use it during the fall and winter.

    One year for my birthday, the hubby bought me an outdoor dining set (which we had to sell when we moved here…*sigh) and to go with that set, he also got me dishes. The dessert and dinner plates have a turquoise fern like pattern on them, so does the rectangular platter. The bowls have a tropical flower in the center and are turquoise on the outside, and the large bowl has a huge toucan Sam in the center of it. They are the dishes we use in the spring and throughout the summer.

  2. I have a set of china that is Carolina by Lenox. It is a really pretty ivory with light blue flowers and a platinum edging. I only use those for special occasions. Last Christmas I purchased some Mikasa everyday china in antique white, that I use some. I tend to use my melamaine and plastic sectional plates most days. I like to have bright colored dishes, so I just pick up what catches my eye when I’m out.

  3. I have 5 sets of dishes. 1 is Christmas,1 white and green stoneware,1 pretty little blue and white set from Aunt Sandy,1 correlleware, and 1 set of china. I too would like to have a set of Longaberger.

  4. I’m with you on the Survivor thing…I’ve disliked Russell from the first episode, so I’m not following too closely..

    I have a lovely set of Ponderosa Pine Lead Crystal dinnerware!

  5. We have Fiestaware in 3 colors that we use everyday and I have my mom’s wedding china that we use maybe once a year and I have this cute apple china that I pull out in the fall. My mom is collecting Christmas china for us, a 12 days of Christmas pattern. As soon as she completes it, I get to use it! I LOVE china and only wish I had room for more!

  6. My Mother would be SO disappointed…I completely forgot my Christmas dishes! They are called “Happy Holidays” by Nikko. They have a large Christmas tree in the center, a green stripe along the edge of the dish. They are beautiful! Both my sister and I have the set, as well as our sister in law.

  7. Sets of dishes? What? People actually do that sort of thing???? Crazy i tell ya 🙂

    Seriously, i have not a single “set” of dishes….i have dishes and bowls and plates and bowls of all differnt sizes and colors and styles….same with my plates and salad plates and coffee cups……it is all mix and match 🙂

  8. I have a double set of Correlle for every day use. I also have some china that we havent used in years!

    Survivor- you know how I feel! Ugh.
    I was so disappointed in the show again last night. 🙂
    We decided our favorite is Brett. The “new” kid they finally showed enough to remember his name!

    I was so hoping Jeff would pull out a double elimination so Erik and Russell would both go. That would of made some happy Survivor fans! 🙂

  9. Oh gosh – this is going to be embarrassing. Me – the girl who doesn’t really give a rip about this kind of stuff! My Mom did, though – and well, I inherited when she passed away…

    1. Fruits of Life by Lenox – what we registered for when we got married, we have, I think 7 place settings of it.

    2. Eternal by Lenox – my Mom’s – 12 settings of it!

    3. Italian Countryside by Mikasa – my Mom’s – 16 settings; it’s suitable for everyday ware.

    4. Heritage by Pfaltzgraff – 8 settings – I’ve had this since I was about 18 (I’m 45) and the numbers are dwindling after many, many years of use. Have lots of serving pieces from this set – they’re awesome.

    5. The dishes we use the most – they’re clear, but cobalt blue colored, we got them on sale for $1 each at Fred Meyer (kinda like Wal-Mart, but not!). We’ve used them for years, and they’re not faring so well in the numbers department.

    6. Then, there’s the plastic ware plates – cause we don’t do paper plates here – we use the plastic ones.

    7. Plain white Corelle set – we’ve had it for at least a decade.

    There are assorted odds and ends of other patterns that were handed down to us.

    Pretty much – if the whole world showed up for dinner – we could set a place for them! LOL!

  10. Oh you have hit upon another weakness of mine…..dishes, NOT Survivor. blech

    Polish Pottery dominates my cabinets.
    some white Villeroy & Boch that I bought on clearance at the factory – this actually isn’t a complete set, but we use it a lot

    2 sets of Christmas dishes – V&B Naif Christmas and the other a small set of another V&B pattern

    an old set of Wheat dishes

  11. I have a set of plain off white plates from the grocery store, and another set that came from my grandmother. They are called “Queen’s Bouquet” with a replica of a bouquet presented to Queen Elizabeth on a Royal Visit to Canada in 1939. They were given to my grandparents, I think by my great-grandmother, and they were my grandma’s everyday dishes. Now I get to use them. Sadly, there is only one cereal bowl left of these and the grocery store plates were bought individually and did not have matching bowls that I liked, so I’m still looking for decent bowls. I don’t like the wide, shallow soup bowls that come with so many sets, and many others are too big or too small. Nothing seems to be just right.
    I also have many pieces of china, but just individual pieces – teacups, and tea service, but no china dinnerware.

  12. I have white Correll with little green ivy all around the edges.

    I have never missed an episode of any Survivor ever. But the whole Russell thing is really bugging me this time around, too. Doesn’t he almost seem like an actor, like the producers planted him on the show. Sigh! Wish they would have really blind sighted him last night! Looks like he may get his doom next week????

  13. I have a set (minus a few pieces that have been broken) of off-white with green trim, bought at a store that no longer exists and I cannot remember the name.
    I have some random plastic plates, or Tupperware plates.
    The husband has a set, I think, of off-white with blue trim. It’s in the garage somewhere.
    Then I have my mother’s china, light gray with platinum trim. Still boxed up.

  14. I have corelle, plain white stoneware and a hodgepodge of another white/coral colored stoneware. Since our household is just dh and I, we have too many. I gave a full set of dishes (that we used to have in our cabinets :O) to each of my two kids when they moved out – and I still have plenty of place settings. I also have a set of china – Carnation is the pattern – that I threaten dh with using as everyday and tossing all others. The Carnation pieces have gold trim. I use a dishwasher, though :(.

  15. I have some corelle with blue trim which I hate and is packed away. My everyday stuff is Henn Workshops spongeware plates in lots of different colors.

  16. Hey! Long time I didn’t answet your nosiness! lol

    Sorry, not crazy about reality shows (I know! 90% of America is against me!), but am crazy about dishes though.

    Own 5 sets of dishes. Everyday fiesta ware type, red/white toile de Jouy type, pink old fashion see-through, Modern white square and black sushi. And that’s not counting all other “on the side” sets of pudding cups, bowls and mix ‘n match little and larger plates.

  17. Lennox “Poppies on Blue” chinaware that I use for everything. I gave my “Wheat” pattern fancy china to my daughter. My mom purchased that pattern a few at a time during a Kroger special in the early 1960s.

  18. I love Longaberger too and have few pieces that have been given as gifts. Mostly, crocks, and mugs. It is not in my budget either. I have correll ware as well. It is a plain ivory.

    As for Mr. Russell on Survivor the only part of “outwit’ outplay, outsmart he needs to do…. is actually get out!!!!

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