November 4

I have always wanted a lap cat.


A cat that would crawl up on my lap and I could sit there mindlessly petting her for hours as I watched TV.


When we got Grace, she was just coming out of her kittenness and still played.


A lot.


Sometimes she would climb on our laps, but mostly she would just run and play.



Now she would just rather sleep in a warm spot and ignore everyone and everything except at meal time.


Since we have gotten Whiskey, who is just coming out of her kittenness and still wants to play, Grace has perked up.


It is fun to watch Whiskey chase Grace and Grace get all bothered and hiss and growl.


She is an old biddy now, and with that has come jealousy.




You see Whiskey is also a lover, and she hops up on me every single morning.


Grace can’t handle that, and wedges herself in every time she can.


At least they keep me warm.






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15 thoughts on “November 4”

  1. Awwww! I would love a cat or two but my DH is highly allergic to cats. So I have to settle for my low-dander dog. But at least he’s a cuddler that loves to snuggle with me.

    1. Yes, Grace is my ‘Paris Hilton’ cat. She is prissy and thinks that everyone should cater to her.

      Whiskey is my tramp. She was a drop off, and my pastor’s wife gave her to me, not knowing that she was pregnant.

  2. Abbi is especially enjoying your post this morning as she waves at your kitties and claps and says her 13 month old version of “kitty!” She can hardly contain her excitement!

  3. LOL!! I know exactly what you are talking about. My oldest cat has never been a cuddler. But my younger two are. My oldest cat still doesn’t cuddle, she just glares really hard at me when the younger two sit on my lap! BTW, your cats are beautiful.

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