November 3

In the mid to late 70’s, Grams came to live with us.

I really didn’t understand what divorce was, all I knew is that I got to see my grandma every. single. day.

And when you have a fabulous grandma, every. single. day is the best thing ever to a 8 year old.

Grandma was so poor that if she had had 2 pennies to rub together, she would have felt rich, but whenever she did have a wee bit o’cash, she would buy Sister and I treats.

Treats like cheese puffs, and candy bars, and iced spice cookies.

Spice cookies like today’s Sugar Topped Molasses Spice Cookies that I made for today’s TWD.

These cookies brought all that flooding back, and put a lump in my throat.

Even though Grams was poor monetarily, she was so very rich in love.

And I’d give every. penny. I. have. for just one more hug from her.

Make these cookies, and enjoy your Grams…if you still have one.

PS.  I didn’t put in the black pepper.   Who puts black pepper in cookies?  blech!

PPS.  November is an out of order month for when we can post the recipes.  Today’s recipe was selected for Nov. 17, so if you want the recipe, check out the blog (linked above) if you want the recipe.



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  1. I put the black pepper in one batch and not in the other…surprisingly enough (as I was with that strawberry dessert we made with black pepper earlier), it added a little something something. Seriously. My Molasses Cookies go back to my grandfather’s aunt who was with us until she was 100 years old in 1995…and this recipe of Dorie’s is every bit as good. Every Single Bit. Yours look really great and I love the larger sugar sparkles! It was lovely reading about your Gram and the love she gave to all of you…I can still see it and feel in it in you and in your posts, so it lives on, and it will live on in your children, too. What a gift!

  2. I’ve made pfeffernusse cookies before and you add 1/4 tsp pepper. They were good and you didn’t taste the pepper like you think you would.

    I love the story about your grandma-too sweet.

    Your cookies always look so perfect and yummy. I wanted to reach right through the screen and grab one to go with my coffee this morning =)

  3. Your story about your grandma was so sweet!

    Your cookies look really nice. I hope when I make them, mine will spread like yours and get those cracks. Btw, the pepper seems weird, but it adds a nice kick to spice cookies.

  4. This post brought tears to my eyes. I miss my grandma, and I’m sad that my children won’t know my grandma like I did. But they do have a most amazing (step)grandma and grandpa, who lives just down the road from us and they do have my parents, so I guess they will have their own wonderful grandparent memories.

  5. Mmm. They look perfect! Great Gram story. I miss my Gramma Tiny (Gone since 1985, seems like yesterday.) I always think of angel food cake with pink frosting!
    Can’t wait to make these cookies! (I made the bundt cake. It’s de-lish (and would be great with a little added chocolate! 😉

  6. Your cookies look wonderful. Such a sweet post. I put the pepper in but the dough is still sitting in the fridge so I have no idea how they will taste. I hope they look half as good as yours.

  7. Oh how I cherish the memories of your grandma, Tanya. We all have so many stories to remember. She loved each and everyone of her grands soooooo much.
    P.S. I love you too !!!!

  8. Sorry for the belated comment!

    Your cookies look AMAZING…and Grandma’s…oh grandma’s. They are truly some of the most special people on earth!!!!!

  9. Your cookies look so delicious and inviting! I just can’t decide which recipe to make first.

    If my grandma were still alive, I would hug her and share my cookies.

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