October 22

I love little old people.

They are wise, they forgive faux paus, and they are just plain old fun.

My love affair with them began when I was around 4 or 5 when my Grandpa Teal would pull me on his lap and do ‘Eye Winker’ to me.

Grandpa was ornery, wise, and twinkly.  His blue eyes would crinkle up when he smiled.

When we moved to Missouri, a little old man named T. O. Hughes attended my dad’s church.

He was a ‘twinkler’.

Then I found out that he had a horse.

That I could ride.

My  obsession love affair with  horses began when my Aunt Marty got me horse back riding lessons when I was 4.

So,  over to T.O.’s house I’d go every chance I could get and we would ride.   Or we’d mow, and rake his hay.   Just spending time with him was great fun.  I loved him, and he loved me.

After we were done, we’d go inside and he’d make me this fabulous and simple lunch.

He’d take some potatoes, slice them into wedges, add some onion and add them to some hot bacon grease.

I do this with tater tots because it is faster.

Fry them till they are golden.

Add some scrambled eggs and cook till done.

This is a hearty, quick, cheap meal, and it reminds me of T.O every time I make it.

It is especially good when you serve sweet potato kerplunks biscuits with it too.

T.O. is gone now, but I’ll never forget the hours he poured into a lonely 16 year old girl and made her feel special.



October 21

My mom is a fabulous cook.

Her roasts are tender, her dumplings are flavorful, and her pie crust is flaky.

We almost always had roast, mashed potatoes and sometimes biscuits for Sunday dinner.

As a teen, I would invite friends over for a Sunday meal, then it was boyfriends, and then husbands.

After the sister and I were married, whenever we lived close enough, our families would still eat Sunday dinners at the Parents.

Because newlyweds are always on the lookout for free food.

One Sunday, mom made some biscuits and Internet, they were sad little things.

They were flat, and a bit burnt dark on the bottom.

Sister’s husband, who never passes up an opportunity to make a joke, called them kerplunks so now our family calls any home made biscuit ‘kerplunks’.

They looked sort of like this.

Erin of Prudence Pennywise picked today’s TWWD  of Sweet Potato Biscuits.

These are fabulous little kerplunks.

They are tender, sweet and wonderful with the honey butter I served them with.

I used a fresh baked sweet potato instead of canned, and I added a wee bit of sour cream to these because I thought it was the right thing to do.

These would be wonderful with soup, roast and mashed potatoes or even breakfast.

Go check out Erin’s blog.   The recipe is there, but don’t be surprised if your ‘kerplunks’ don’t raise..I don’t think they are supposed to.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.


October 19

I have never been one for adventure, where adventure equals anything other than my sane, daily routine.

Adventure does not equal fun.

Fun is planned, adventure is not, and not all adventure is fun.

Let me tell you a bit about my adventures this past week.

  • Tuesday this happened, and I spent a couple of hours in the ER with Superman.
  • Wednesday Superman took the day off to rest because I insisted.  We went car shopping, but there was none to be found in our price range, where price range equals free, because free is about all anyone can afford these days.   That evening, the boy and I drove to the parents house to borrow their van because Superman needed a way to get to work.
  • Thursday was all find and dandy~~minus the parts where I fretted about purchasing another vehicle, insurance stuff, and a ticket that must be paid~~ till Superman called me from the Walmarts (where he works his second job) to tell me that the Parents van was dead.   Yippy~skippy!
  • Friday Superman drove the boy’s car to work, and the boy and I worked on the van.   Unfortunately the serpentine belt had slipped off.     So, we drove further afield to find an appropriate vehicle for Superman.  He asked for a Hummer.   I brought him home this.

Which Dad named the Green Hornet.

  • Saturday was spent cleaning carpets, because that is what old married folk do when the chips are out of the house.    Then the Father came up to get his ailing van, and ended up having to have it towed home.   I heart AAA.
  • Sunday after church I told Superman I wanted to spray some stuff on the squeaky belt.   Out we traipsed, popped the hood, and The Hornet refused to start.
  • Today Superman is driving his brother’s pick-up truck.   If it dies, I’m taking his keys away, and insisting that he find his cape and fly to work.   I don’t care who finds out that he is Superman.


    October 15

    Superman has never really been able to keep a secret.

    He doesn’t actually come outright and spill the beans, but he hints at it, and me being the discerning person I am, I always figure it out.

    Until Sunday.

    Sunday we went over to the Parents house for lunch.

    Only it wasn’t lunch.

    It was a surprise birthday party for moi!

    Everything was decorated in pink and chocolate.

    There was all sorts of Chocolatechic paraphernalia.    Grade cards, and papers I wrote when I was wee little.  They were hil.ar.i.ous!

    Friends were sneaky and showed up.



    The best part of the day was that friends and family drove for hours just to spend the afternoon with me.

    But this was a very close second.

    Thanks to the Mother and Aunt Sandy for working till wee hours in the morning to make the room beautiful.

    Thanks to the Father for running and fetching for them, because I know you did.

    Thanks to everyone  that drove for hours to spend the afternoon with me, and thanks to everyone for my huge stash of chocolate.

    I have the best family!    You made my birthday very special.


    October 14

    So today I was going to tell you all about Sunday, but instead…

    Instead I thought I’d show you what happens when Superman you take your eye off the road for just a few seconds.

    Superman You will rear end the stopped vehicle in front of you.

    Superman You will be transported to the hospital, where they will take x-rays, and tell you that you are very fortunate that Superman you only have a bruised shoulder and a bruised knee, now go home and rest.

    All I can say is thank God for air bags.