October 31

Warning…this post is frightening.

And I am posting it especially for my friend Applie.





These nasty things reside in our basement.

And this is what we do when we find them.

A big shout out to the girl for eradicating one more nasty from the house.


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13 thoughts on “October 31”

  1. I believe that use to be a Field Wolf Spider. It’s bite is nothing more than a pinprick. They eat insects that bother humans. They do not spin webs. You killed one of God’s favorite creatures and you will have to answer to Him.

    PS. I’m not going to talk to you anymore. So there.

    PSS. Have a great day!

  2. Ooh, I do not like spiders! My cousin-in-law loves spiders and other creepy crawlies, so I tell her she can catch them, hold them, teach my children about them, but if I find one in my house I’m going to kill it. If it wants to live, it had better stay outside my door (and preferably out of sight).

  3. It almost looks like a Hobo spider – but it’s not spindly enough… Hobo’s are venomous. Got bit by one on the neck about 9 years ago – not a pretty experience.

    Spiders are evil and must die. Gold star to the girl for doing her part to eradicate evil in the world!

  4. those are scary spiders! we had them at our last rental. they eat other bugs and are deathly afraid of humans, but I still sucked them up with my vacuum nonetheless.

  5. I’ve had nightmares of dying that way! Mashed beyond recognition into a concrete crevice by a camera crazed girl! I wake up in a cold sweat and ask my wife to hold me.

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