October 30

It is Friday, Internet, and I’m nosy.


I want to know what your absolute favorite sit com is/was.


For me, it is Gilmore Girls.



PS.   Last night was ‘Trick’or’Treat’ night and I really expected more vampires…I only saw 3.   How many did you see?



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27 thoughts on “October 30”

  1. I don’t think I have a fav sitcom – I liked the Gilmore Girls and Friends but my fav show was the X-Files which wasn’t a sitcom.

    Why do you not have Trick or Treating on Halloween night? Being on a Saturday this year it is going to be a huge event in our neighbourhood.

  2. It’s hard to pick just one. For older shows, I would have to say Seinfeld or Everybody Loves Raymond. For current shows, I would say Scrubs and The Office.

  3. I like Gilmore Girls too. I think my favourite sitcom would have to be the Cosby Show. I loved it as a kid, and now, as a parent, I probably enjoy it more. We’ve also been watching The A-Team with our kids, and loving that show (why don’t they make good, clean, fun shows like that anymore?). But my very favourite show of the moment is LOST.

  4. My current favorite is Big Bang Theory. My husband and I love it! We also enjoy Gary Unmarried. We are SO bummed that Rules of Engagement was cancelled. We love Patrick Warburton so we record every episode of Less Than Perfect because he was on that sitcom too – with another favorite, Eric Roberts – and, Sarah Rue, who was recently on Big Bang Theory!

    My favorite classic sitcom is The Munsters. Also love Petticoat Junction… I better stop. I’m dating myself now!

    Happy Weekend!

  5. No vampires or goblins here, we live in an apt. building. And the witch is always in….*cackle*

    I always loved “Frasier”…but right now, I’m REALLY loving “Modern Family”…it’s HILARIOUS!

  6. I would have to say “Friends” and “The Office”. Today is Halloween at work and I’m dressed as a Cowgirl. Some of my colleagues were dressed as zombies today, and it almost made me hurl. Needless to say, sitting across from a bloody zombie at lunch was not so pleasant!

  7. Can MacGyver be considered a sitcom? In any case it’s my fave show of all time. I miss Richard Dean Anderson, he’s nowhere to be seen on TV these days.

  8. Boy, do I feel old when people talk about Seinfeld as being an old show. Nobody has ever made a better show than The Andy Griffith show.

  9. Just like Cousin Jerry my choice is The Andy Griffth Show. It is a show I can watch with my childrenk and grandchildren without blushing.

  10. Oh, no vampires I live in an apartment with a security door. No trick or treaters, which also means no left over chocholate to eat.

  11. Friends – hands down. I dont really watch any of the current sitcoms. Too much other stuff to do!

    We have trick or treating tonight – but no one ever comes to our house, anyway – we live down a long, dark, kinda spooky driveway – and no parent in their right mind would send their kid down to our door! LOL! We’re nice people, really – and always have the candy ready just in case, but this will be our 4th trick-or-treat night here – and I’m willing to bet you $10 that there won’t be a single kid ringing the door bell.

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