October 27



Today’s TWD is a Cherry Fudge Brownie Torte.



April of Short + Rose picked it.


Chocolatechic didn’t make it.


Don’t faint.


I know it is astounding to your psyche that I didn’t make something chocolate.


I didn’t have Marscapone cheese, or dried sweet cherries, or cherry preserves or Kirsch.


And seriously!  who in their right mind puts ground black pepper in a chocolate fudge torte?


Not me.


Sorry my fellow TWD’ers.


Let me comfort you with a picture of chocolate.





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14 thoughts on “October 27”

  1. I didn’t make it either….I didn’t see the ground black pepper part of it!

    Nothing comforts like chocolate chips and butter.:)

  2. What is this new trend with putting pepper with chocolate? Lately I’ve seen quite a few brownie recipes with pepper and cinnamon in them.

  3. There was no pepper in my brownie. I loved the brownie part, so if you left out the pepper, cherries, and topping, it would still be delicious. Keep it in mind!

  4. I left all the fruitystuff and just made the brownies. They are a good, fudgy brownie. I added some of my own extras. Good stuff.
    I did add the pepper, but you can’t even taste it (so I’m not sure what the point of it is). Maybe it was more noticeable with the cherries. ??

  5. I didn’t have coarse ground pepper, so I used a smaller amount of regular (finely) ground, probably a little less than 1 teaspoon and it was really good. It was surprisingly mild and just added a bit of “bite” in the aftertaste.

  6. Aww! Sorry you didn’t make it. I didn’t have any of those items either. I used grenadine instead of Kirsch, red raspberry jam preserves of cherry jam, and dried strawberries instead of the cherries. I had all that so I subbed. Couldn’t even tell there was pepper in there. Will watch for you next week!

  7. LOL – I was surprised that you didn’t make this with all the chocolate in it, but hey, there are a lot of ingredients that I had to source for this myself.

  8. Really, the only part of this I didn’t love was the ground black pepper (yucky). I’d say you could make it with just chocolate (sans kirsh, cherries, mascarpone topping, etc) and it would still be awesome. Maybe keep as a backup option next time there’s a chocolate craving. 🙂

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