October 23

It’s Friday, Internet, and I’m nosy.

I want to know about how you do your finger nails.

Do you trim them every week?

Do you file them?

Buff them to a shine?

Chew them down to the quick?

Keep them short? grow them long?

If one or two of them break, do you trim them all down to the same length?

Tell me…tell me…tell me!


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20 thoughts on “October 23”

  1. I file them every week and put on a coat of a very sheer polish,either a whitish/clear color or a shimmery very pale pink. It’s rare for me to wear any colored polish that anyone else would notice. If one or two break, I trim them and file them so they are all the same length. I don’t like long nails. I have only had my nails “done” once. I loved it. I just can’t afford to do it on a regular basis.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. They get to a nice length and then start breaking off one by one. So I end up clipping them to the same length. I never seem to find the time to file and polish and all that stuff. One day,when I get rich, I will go try artificial ones. Your mama’s nails always look pretty. She’s a classy lady. Same with Aunt Sandy.(best sisters a girl could ask for)

  3. keep them short…i don’t have time to deal with them. when i was younger…i went every 2 weeks to get them “pretty”…then it got to be more work & money then it was worth…
    so life is easy now.

  4. I bit my nails until about 3 years ago. I was taking care of a Parkinson’s patient and she had brittle nails and took Biotin. So, I started taking Biotin. I’m happy to say that my nails are now so strong, I couldn’t bite them if a wanted to. I file them down once a week or so, I keep this nail file that has about 6 or 7 special color coded sides on it. If a nail happens to split, I just use that nail file to smooth the nail and make it is even as possible!!!!!

  5. File & trim when needed – no schedule. If one breaks, only that one gets trimmed and filed – the rest stay as is. I currently only have one long nail 🙂

  6. Mine have NEVER grown out well – only during my second pregnancy did I have decent nails. After that I just gave up – I have solar nails – I get them filled and taken care of every two weeks – Never Miss an Appt!

    I don’t like my hands without nails – I look down and see my mother’s or grandmother’s hands staring back at me – so I keep the nails! LOL Plus, it’s MY time to just sit and be pampered – even if I have to pay for it! I don’t care!

  7. I keep mine short. I used to bite my nails and wore acrylics for a year to break the habit. I paint them when I have time, file them about once every other week and once every few months go in to get a manicure as a treat.

  8. I always file my nails.

    For my daughter’s wedding I had acrylic nails put on as my nails had taken a beaten. I would NEVER NEVER do that again tho I thought they were lovely nails. Almost three months later my nails are still cracking off. My nails hurt really bad for about a week after removing the nails in stuff that smelled like poison!
    To touch any cloth would rip the cracked nails done into the skin. Very painful. Three months after the fact and I am finally not breaking or snagging one of them everyday. I feel like an Acrylic Nail survivor!!!!!!
    My prior healthy nails went thru the wringer for one moment of vanity! Dumb me would NEVER do it again!

  9. I grow mine until they start to annoy me when I’m typing, then I cut them all short and start all over. If one breaks, I usually file it nicely and let it get back to growing.

  10. I file mine once a week then put a strengthener on and two coats of pale pink pearlised nail varnish. I keep them fairly short because as soon as they start to grow nicely they split.

  11. I usually file them on Sunday afternoon, and try to keep them all the same length. If I let them get very long, they begin to break, so I try to keep them just long enough to look nice, and not so long that they are considered claws.

    I chewed them to the quick until I was about 20, and for some reason stopped.

  12. I’ve just made the transition – after 9 years of acrylics – to my own ratty nails. We’re broke! It only makes sense to jettison the frivilous expense, right?

    I don’t really know what I do – I’m making it up as I go along. Paint them? Are you kidding? Last time I tried I got polish all over the place. I think they’re gonna stay naked. I am going to make an effort and try and paint my toe nails, though – I sure miss those pedicures!

    I do trim them when I realize – after knitting for a while – that my palm is getting shredded from my nails. How often that is, I have no clue!

    I’m kinda pathetic, huh? My Mom always had perfect nails and was completely disciplined about doing them. I’m not quite that with it! LOL!

  13. I file them once a week usually while waiting at stop lights. I always have an emory board in the car. That’s about all I do. If one breaks I clip it and then file it. I do not file or clip them all to the same length when one breaks.

  14. I don’t give too much attention to them. I can’t STAND polish – I can feel it somehow. Perhaps I have thin nails? Either way they’re fairly strong and long enough to reach the tips of my fingers. If one breaks, I even it out and don’t worry about making them all the same length.

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