October 22

I love little old people.

They are wise, they forgive faux paus, and they are just plain old fun.

My love affair with them began when I was around 4 or 5 when my Grandpa Teal would pull me on his lap and do ‘Eye Winker’ to me.

Grandpa was ornery, wise, and twinkly.  His blue eyes would crinkle up when he smiled.

When we moved to Missouri, a little old man named T. O. Hughes attended my dad’s church.

He was a ‘twinkler’.

Then I found out that he had a horse.

That I could ride.

My  obsession love affair with  horses began when my Aunt Marty got me horse back riding lessons when I was 4.

So,  over to T.O.’s house I’d go every chance I could get and we would ride.   Or we’d mow, and rake his hay.   Just spending time with him was great fun.  I loved him, and he loved me.

After we were done, we’d go inside and he’d make me this fabulous and simple lunch.

He’d take some potatoes, slice them into wedges, add some onion and add them to some hot bacon grease.

I do this with tater tots because it is faster.

Fry them till they are golden.

Add some scrambled eggs and cook till done.

This is a hearty, quick, cheap meal, and it reminds me of T.O every time I make it.

It is especially good when you serve sweet potato kerplunks biscuits with it too.

T.O. is gone now, but I’ll never forget the hours he poured into a lonely 16 year old girl and made her feel special.



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9 thoughts on “October 22”

  1. Awwww….What fun older people are. I love them so! Sounds like T.O. and your Gpa Teal were awesome people to be around and what an influence they must have been!!!!

    Bacon grease and onions…mmmhhmmmm:) That looks like an awesome meal!!!!!

  2. So that’s why people like me so much! I’m a ‘little old people’. My dad used to make that same dish when we went camping. He called it ‘camper’s special’.

  3. Do you have a food lense or something? Your eggs always look egg-ier, onions look oniony-er and tater-tots look tatery-er. Wish my eye balls had that lens.

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