October 21

My mom is a fabulous cook.

Her roasts are tender, her dumplings are flavorful, and her pie crust is flaky.

We almost always had roast, mashed potatoes and sometimes biscuits for Sunday dinner.

As a teen, I would invite friends over for a Sunday meal, then it was boyfriends, and then husbands.

After the sister and I were married, whenever we lived close enough, our families would still eat Sunday dinners at the Parents.

Because newlyweds are always on the lookout for free food.

One Sunday, mom made some biscuits and Internet, they were sad little things.

They were flat, and a bit burnt dark on the bottom.

Sister’s husband, who never passes up an opportunity to make a joke, called them kerplunks so now our family calls any home made biscuit ‘kerplunks’.

They looked sort of like this.

Erin of Prudence Pennywise picked today’s TWWD  of Sweet Potato Biscuits.

These are fabulous little kerplunks.

They are tender, sweet and wonderful with the honey butter I served them with.

I used a fresh baked sweet potato instead of canned, and I added a wee bit of sour cream to these because I thought it was the right thing to do.

These would be wonderful with soup, roast and mashed potatoes or even breakfast.

Go check out Erin’s blog.   The recipe is there, but don’t be surprised if your ‘kerplunks’ don’t raise..I don’t think they are supposed to.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.


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17 thoughts on “October 21”

  1. “kerplunks!” I love that name!

    Your biscuits look fabulous….and I think I should warn you that a search party was almost formed! I was worried!

  2. haha I love the name “kerplunks” that’s awesome! Oh and you are so right, newlyweds are always on the lookout for a free meal- we still eat at my parents’ house about once a week!

  3. ohhh these came out great! I love a good homemade biscuit. who cares if they didn’t rise or not. just a good heaping of butter and we’re good–we’re so good.

  4. Okay, we have biscuits, no matter what you call them. Love the color and the crackly tops. NO ONE TOLD ME about HONEY butter…need to make some more for research on that little idea for sure!

  5. Weren’t these just delicious? I came over here to see if you put chocolate on yours. . maybe a chocolate syrup or something! I know how creative you are. Just a joy to read your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the story! I was always the roll maker for our Thanksgivings. One year, I’d made them in a pan that was a little rusty. For some reason, that made them taste kind of fishy. Someone in the family crowd them named them “fish rolls”. Now every year I’m asked to make the “fish rolls”. Love it.
    Kerplunks–flat, high, no matter, I thought they were pretty good!

  7. Kerplunks!! Great name. Looks like they worked out beautifully for you.

    This is he sound mine would have made hitting the water before they sank – SP disks.

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