October 19

I have never been one for adventure, where adventure equals anything other than my sane, daily routine.

Adventure does not equal fun.

Fun is planned, adventure is not, and not all adventure is fun.

Let me tell you a bit about my adventures this past week.

  • Tuesday this happened, and I spent a couple of hours in the ER with Superman.
  • Wednesday Superman took the day off to rest because I insisted.  We went car shopping, but there was none to be found in our price range, where price range equals free, because free is about all anyone can afford these days.   That evening, the boy and I drove to the parents house to borrow their van because Superman needed a way to get to work.
  • Thursday was all find and dandy~~minus the parts where I fretted about purchasing another vehicle, insurance stuff, and a ticket that must be paid~~ till Superman called me from the Walmarts (where he works his second job) to tell me that the Parents van was dead.   Yippy~skippy!
  • Friday Superman drove the boy’s car to work, and the boy and I worked on the van.   Unfortunately the serpentine belt had slipped off.     So, we drove further afield to find an appropriate vehicle for Superman.  He asked for a Hummer.   I brought him home this.

Which Dad named the Green Hornet.

  • Saturday was spent cleaning carpets, because that is what old married folk do when the chips are out of the house.    Then the Father came up to get his ailing van, and ended up having to have it towed home.   I heart AAA.
  • Sunday after church I told Superman I wanted to spray some stuff on the squeaky belt.   Out we traipsed, popped the hood, and The Hornet refused to start.
  • Today Superman is driving his brother’s pick-up truck.   If it dies, I’m taking his keys away, and insisting that he find his cape and fly to work.   I don’t care who finds out that he is Superman.


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    13 thoughts on “October 19”

    1. You should have gotten him the hummer.:D
      BTW, why does he have to ask YOU what kind of a car he can get? Isn’t he the head of the house and the one who earns the money???

    2. Oh when it rains, it pours! I hope this all works out for you. We were in the ER with our son this weekend who fell into a glass topped table and cut his forehead. On top of that ER bill is one from 6 weeks ago when our daughter did a nosedive off of a slide and broke her collarbone! It just never ends….

    3. Several people I know are having a hard time finding inexpensive first cars for their teens. I think the Cash for Clunkers took a lot of the affordable used cars off the market 😦 So I have to be careful not to crash mine again.

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