October 15

Superman has never really been able to keep a secret.

He doesn’t actually come outright and spill the beans, but he hints at it, and me being the discerning person I am, I always figure it out.

Until Sunday.

Sunday we went over to the Parents house for lunch.

Only it wasn’t lunch.

It was a surprise birthday party for moi!

Everything was decorated in pink and chocolate.

There was all sorts of Chocolatechic paraphernalia.    Grade cards, and papers I wrote when I was wee little.  They were hil.ar.i.ous!

Friends were sneaky and showed up.



The best part of the day was that friends and family drove for hours just to spend the afternoon with me.

But this was a very close second.

Thanks to the Mother and Aunt Sandy for working till wee hours in the morning to make the room beautiful.

Thanks to the Father for running and fetching for them, because I know you did.

Thanks to everyone  that drove for hours to spend the afternoon with me, and thanks to everyone for my huge stash of chocolate.

I have the best family!    You made my birthday very special.


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17 thoughts on “October 15”

  1. So…were there some chocolate bismarks in that Schuler’s box?
    Eat one for me!
    Wish I could have been there!
    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy, happy (belated) birthday! You’re exactly 1 month older than me! Let me know how it’s going so I can decide to skip this one! 😉
    So fun for Superman and fam/friends to surprise you!

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