October 14

So today I was going to tell you all about Sunday, but instead…

Instead I thought I’d show you what happens when Superman you take your eye off the road for just a few seconds.

Superman You will rear end the stopped vehicle in front of you.

Superman You will be transported to the hospital, where they will take x-rays, and tell you that you are very fortunate that Superman you only have a bruised shoulder and a bruised knee, now go home and rest.

All I can say is thank God for air bags.



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23 thoughts on “October 14”

  1. At least he won’t have to explain to his supervisor the reason he is off work. Suddenly, turning 40 doesn’t seem so bad, does it? Glad he’s ok.

  2. I am so sorry this happened to you. On Sunday we took our daughter to her soccer tournament and we were all having such a good time. We decided to have a quick lunch before we headed home and guess what? My “Superman” wasn’t patyng attention and he ran into a very high curb, even though I told him he was going to hit it…now I am in a very bad funk …to the tune of $3000.

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