October 5

When I was young, I followed the Dad everywhere.

If he was doing something electrical, I was there.

If he was plumbing something, I was there.

If he was on the roof, I was there.

If he was outside in the garage, I was there.

I am told that when in the garage, between handing him 3/16ths sockets and wrenches, I would straighten up his tools.

I would wipe off all the grime and put them neatly in the tool box.

This frustrated the Dad, because he didn’t know where they were.

I was just doing as I was taught.

“Keep your things neat and put them away where they belong.”

How was I supposed to know that tools had different rules?

So a couple of weeks ago, when the Dad was working on our back porch and I saw this, I smiled…and remembered.

I remembered doing everything I could to be close, and I looked at him the same way she is.

But this is what tickled me the most.



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5 thoughts on “October 5”

  1. I’ve been using tools long enough to know that tools have their OWN rules. Mine routinely get up and walk away right in the middle of a project. I always have to get out from under the car and go find out where they’ve walked to.
    I remember when our basement was SO messy that I needed my daughter’s cheerful natured help to get thru it. It made all the differance.

  2. Yeah, I remember working with my dad building stuff as well. I love to see my kids watching/helping hubby with his projects (I just tend to forget the camera and have to depend on the God given ability to keep the picture in my mind).

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. A Beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I remember “helping” my dad insualte our 2nd floor when I was about 10. When “we” were finished I was rewarded with a cold coke–a rare treat in 1951.

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