October 3

Today is Chocolatechic’s birthday, and with this post I honor her and her life.

A life of love and laughter shared with those she loves.

Mom, I hope that your birthday is so wonderful that you wished every day was your birthday. I love you with ALL my heart and beyond♥

Have a peachy day!!!!!


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30 thoughts on “October 3”

  1. To my new and dear blogging friend and pen pal,

    May you have the happiest of birthdays!!! And may you always remember that a life lived WITHOUT the consumption of chocolate and the wearing of pink is truly mediocre.:)

  2. How come you and sister chic both close your eyes when you have your picture take?

    Anyway, Hope your day is extra special!!
    Love you lots.

    Maybe they are planning something special on another day so that they can surprise you!!!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHOC! (How’s it feel to be old? Joints hurt yet? Forget anything today? How about a grey hair?)
    All kidding aside, Happy Birthday!

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