October 31

Warning…this post is frightening.

And I am posting it especially for my friend Applie.





These nasty things reside in our basement.

And this is what we do when we find them.

A big shout out to the girl for eradicating one more nasty from the house.


October 30

It is Friday, Internet, and I’m nosy.


I want to know what your absolute favorite sit com is/was.


For me, it is Gilmore Girls.



PS.   Last night was ‘Trick’or’Treat’ night and I really expected more vampires…I only saw 3.   How many did you see?



October 29

Last Saturday when the girl and I were out taking pictures and getting milk, the girl thought it would be oh. so. fun. to take many, many, many pictures of me.






Because a good mom teaches her children lessons.


How to cook, how to clean, how to be polite, how to say ‘sorry’, how to share, how to purchase the right kind of chocolate.


I thought it would be a good time to teach her that you reap what you sow.



October 28

Anyone that spends any amount of time in my home or in my presence knows that at some point they will have their picture taken.


Whether they like it or not.


But beware, you will be lulled into a state of unawareness.


Then you had better watch out, because I will be there.


Camera in hand.





October 27



Today’s TWD is a Cherry Fudge Brownie Torte.



April of Short + Rose picked it.


Chocolatechic didn’t make it.


Don’t faint.


I know it is astounding to your psyche that I didn’t make something chocolate.


I didn’t have Marscapone cheese, or dried sweet cherries, or cherry preserves or Kirsch.


And seriously!  who in their right mind puts ground black pepper in a chocolate fudge torte?


Not me.


Sorry my fellow TWD’ers.


Let me comfort you with a picture of chocolate.





October 26

On Saturday the girl and I went up one county to get some milk from my cow.

We are past the peak of color in Ohio, but I still think it is beautiful.

Every so often I’d stop to take a picture.

Or I’d hand the camera over to the girl and say, “get a picture of that…quick…try to get the man walking too”.

And she’d snap away.

I love this time of year.

I love the color, the smell of rotting leaves, the crispness in the air, but most importantly the end of ragweed season.


October 23

It’s Friday, Internet, and I’m nosy.

I want to know about how you do your finger nails.

Do you trim them every week?

Do you file them?

Buff them to a shine?

Chew them down to the quick?

Keep them short? grow them long?

If one or two of them break, do you trim them all down to the same length?

Tell me…tell me…tell me!