September 3


We are roofing and screening in our back deck.

As you can see, progress is being made.

You can especially tell how much progress is being made by looking at all the muck on the floor.



Scraps of wood.

Bits of trash, and the odd piece of old rotted siding.



September 2

I was surprised, Internet.

I figured that lots of you would guess why Teal’s Construction Company was here at my house.

The first order of business was to press gang hire a crew.

Score!   They work for free.

Second order of business was to dismantle my deck.

Offload some sweet tools.

Stare off into the distance.

Climb ladders.

Order the crew about…because you know Internet, the man with the biggest tool belt is the foreman.

Wait!  The boy just informed me that the person with no tool belt is the foreman….I guess he means me!


And stare up into space again.


September 1

I was a restless teenager.

I always wanted to be doing something, but I never knew exactly what I wanted to do.

The parents worked and then stayed at home.

No going places except an occasional trip to the mall.

Nothing to help the restless teen.

I vowed I’d always be doing something when I got out on my own.


It has to be in the genes Internet,  because I’m a homebody.

I am quite content staying home, doing my own little thing.

These last two weeks, however, life has been stuck on fast forward.

I don’t particularly care for fast forward.

There is all that going places, and not being on a schedule.

These Espresso Cheesecake Brownies, that Melissa of Life in a Peanut Shell picked for today’s TWD,  are perfect for fast forward.

I only used 2 bowls~~because I don’t do all that melting of chocolate and butter over the stove~~ and baking time is just half an hour.

These brownies are fabulous.

Please make some for yourself.

You will not be disappointed, especially if your stuck on fast forward.