September 10

Those of you who guessed it was Superman were right.

He learned how to sleep that way in the Army.

I couldn’t do it…just couldn’t.

I’d suffocate.

So!  We had a reunion.

And Cousin Jerry hosted.



Bob’s showed up.


Food showed up.


Family who had never met, did and got along.

Imagine that…family…getting along.




I took pictures of people that didn’t know it…muahahahahaha


Then I ate a Schulers doughnut.

Thank you Jerry and Joyce for opening up your home, for spending hours in the kitchen, then hours cleaning up, for a absolutely FABULOUS time.


September 8

To souffle or not to souffle.

That is the question that Jennifer and I were chatting about last night.

The Boy and I had the same discussion yesterday afternoon.

The Boy: Are you going to make the souffle, mom?

CC:  I don’t know…I’m skeert of the souffle.

Boy: Your giving into your fears.   They are just old wives tales.   It isn’t hard at all.  It is really simple, just cool it down in the oven after you turn it off, and leave the door open.

CC:   Okay….What do souffles taste like?

Boy:  Scrambled eggs.

CC:  Well, that’s it then.   No chocolate scrambled eggs souffle is being made in my kitchen.  I’m not wasting my good chocolate on scrambled eggs.

Boy:  Awh come on! Mom!   Make it pleeeeeease???

CC: Nope.  Not gonna happen.

And it didn’t.

Neither did anything else happen yesterday.


Well, it got washed…but not hung up.  Ugh.


Nope.   I read a book.

Today is a different story though.    I have 2 days worth of stuff to make up for, and I’m already behind.


September 7

Happy Labor Day, Internet.

Yesterday’s family reunion was fabulous!

After asking to be put to work and de-boning 1½ turkey’s, I got my camera out and began snapping away.

This is the first one I took.   This is my dad’s sister Martha.

She was all “what are you doing”?

I hadn’t seen her since I was pregnant for the girl, and I just didn’t have the heart to tell her that I wanted to soak up everything that I could…pictures of everyone I love.

That’s kinda mushy and gooey.

And I didn’t want to overwhelm.

I’m nice like that.


Because then she was like ‘your taking another picture’?

And I’m all…’yeah!   that’s what camera’s are for’.

Seriously now.

But then I snuck one of her actually smiling.

Isn’t she just lovely?

Her skin is perfection.

It was later that I found out that it wasn’t just me.

She has never liked to have her picture taken.


September 5

Ever since the building project began on the back of our house, there have been some angry residents in this home.

They are small, yellow, sting, and most recently been displaced.

Worse yet, they have been plotting revenge on the men that did the displacing.

So yesterday I was in Stuffmart, as I always am on payday, looking for some more Wasp and Hornet spray.

On my way back to the garden department I was also looking for the school supplies because the girl has now realized  she needs some more notebooks, and Hey! shouldn’t the school supplies still be out?

Oh! No!  not on your life!

No school supplies were to be found.

Instead, there was Halloween candy.

HAL-O-WEEN candy.

It is the first week in September.


Who in their right mind would buy Halloween candy 2 months before they are even going to get it out?

It will get stale.

Or maybe not.

I must walk buy and resist, because if I purchase Halloween candy well in advance and stash it where no one else can find it next week hormones will get the better of me and I will think…Oh…I have some candy stashed.

I will tippy toe to get my secret stash.

And at a commercial break while watching re-runs of the Gilmore Girls,  I will look down and there will be a pile of fun size M&M wrappers on the couch beside me and the bag will be empty.

Then I will have to back to Stuffmart to replace said stash.

This will be repeated at least 4 times in the next 8 weeks.

It is a conspiracy, Internet.!

Just say no.

As for the bug spray?  I made the trip past the candy for nothing.

It was all sold out.



September 4

It is Friday Internet, and I am nosy.

Every so often the chips will discuss “super powers” and what kind they would like to have.

Generally this is after watching some movie like The X Men.

So, today I’d love to know what kind of super power you’d like to have.

Me?   I’d love to be invisible.


September 3


We are roofing and screening in our back deck.

As you can see, progress is being made.

You can especially tell how much progress is being made by looking at all the muck on the floor.



Scraps of wood.

Bits of trash, and the odd piece of old rotted siding.


September 2

I was surprised, Internet.

I figured that lots of you would guess why Teal’s Construction Company was here at my house.

The first order of business was to press gang hire a crew.

Score!   They work for free.

Second order of business was to dismantle my deck.

Offload some sweet tools.

Stare off into the distance.

Climb ladders.

Order the crew about…because you know Internet, the man with the biggest tool belt is the foreman.

Wait!  The boy just informed me that the person with no tool belt is the foreman….I guess he means me!


And stare up into space again.


September 1

I was a restless teenager.

I always wanted to be doing something, but I never knew exactly what I wanted to do.

The parents worked and then stayed at home.

No going places except an occasional trip to the mall.

Nothing to help the restless teen.

I vowed I’d always be doing something when I got out on my own.


It has to be in the genes Internet,  because I’m a homebody.

I am quite content staying home, doing my own little thing.

These last two weeks, however, life has been stuck on fast forward.

I don’t particularly care for fast forward.

There is all that going places, and not being on a schedule.

These Espresso Cheesecake Brownies, that Melissa of Life in a Peanut Shell picked for today’s TWD,  are perfect for fast forward.

I only used 2 bowls~~because I don’t do all that melting of chocolate and butter over the stove~~ and baking time is just half an hour.

These brownies are fabulous.

Please make some for yourself.

You will not be disappointed, especially if your stuck on fast forward.