September 27

Hello Sunday.

I wish I were waking up to sunshine, but alas…for the 7th?  20th? day in a row, I have awakened to rain, or almost rain.

Sleep…it evades.

Sunshine…it evades.



CC, who is not in a happy place today


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3 thoughts on “September 27”

  1. I am in a major funk! But, the sun is shining here today and we have been told an afternoon high of 90 awaits us. Too bad I will be stuck inside cleaning house except for hanging the wash on the line.
    Church was even blah today as we had a substitute pastor who is retired and talks very very slowly.

  2. We had that SAME issue here in June. Rain for 20-come odd days. ALL during our vacation. It is raining here today…and if I happen to see a ray of sunshine, I will send some your way.:)

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