September 23

The girl got me up at dark’o’fifteen this morning.

That is even more dark’o’fifteen than I normally get up.

Today is ‘see you at the pole’, and the girls wanted to participate.

So, away I went.

Sans my last 2 hours of sleep.

Sans breakfast.

Sans sanity.

They had doughnuts for all the participants.

I didn’t get one, so now I want a doughnut.

A fresh glazed doughnut.

So fresh that it melts in your mouth when you bite into it.

I need to go back to bed.

Maybe when I wake up there will be a doughnut on the counter.

A girl can dream.



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13 thoughts on “September 23”

  1. That’s a great reason to get up. You must be very proud of her! There were news reports on Christian radio this morning from the different schools in our area. I’m glad there are high school kids out there who are unafraid!

  2. That is a wonderful reason to get up early, although, I’m sure it didn’t seem so at dark-o’fifteen!

    Sending warm, glazed doughnut wishes your way!:)

  3. Our high school does the same thing! It’s lovely to pull into the parking lot and see all the kids gathered around the flag pole, holding hands with their heads bowed!

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