September 22

Today’s TWD is Cottage Cheese Pufflets that Jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes picked these for us today.


Cottage Cheese Pufflets

To be very truthful, when I saw the name of it, I was all  cottage cheese?   in a pufflet?  what exactly is a pufflet, and why in the world would you put cottage cheese in them?

So I perused the question and answers on our lovely TWD blog to see what the hype was about.

Most everyone said that the dough was sticky and had to be chilled, and re-chilled and re-re-chilled.

This chic doesn’t have time for chilling and rolling and patting and marking with a C this week.

So I didn’t.

Next week is something chocolate.

Whooo Hoooo!


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10 thoughts on “September 22”

  1. Too bad you didn’t make it… you missed out on something!

    Plus, the dough was no trouble at all… I rolled it on flour though, so maybe it gave it a bit more tone!

  2. I seriously think the words cottage cheese should NOT be in the title. Jam Pastries. There. Better. But that’s not what I did with the finicky dough. I added all kinds of goodness. Because although I don’t go by chocolatechic, I highly consider myself one! Can’t wait to see your chocolaty goodness next week!

  3. I’m sure you could have made that pufflet marvelous… maybe some chocolate… raspberries… hmmm… just don’t think about the cottage cheese.

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