September 19

People don’t write anymore.

It is a lost art.

It is way to easy to grab the phone, pull up email, text or Twitter.

I heart this letter.

It gives me a window into the person that wrote it, a window into the person that received it, and a window to my past.

Write a letter today.

It will be slow, but it will mean so much to the person receiving it.

Y’all have my address, right?


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9 thoughts on “September 19”

  1. What a a wonderful post…I just LOVE the handwriting in the letter.

    I have a book that I’ve been reading called “The Lonely American: Drifting Apart in the 21st Century.” It talks about this very sort of thing. A written note or postcard can change a person’s day, and in some cases, a person’s life!

    I wish I had a pen pal!!! Whatever happened to those?

  2. Beautiful penmanship, truly a lost art. I was cleaning out some boxes the other day and found some journals from years ago when my kids were younger (showing my age), sadly… I can’t read a lot of my own writing.

  3. awww…I heart letters too. This is just precious. I have a dear friend and before internet was “everywhere” we used to write to one another once a week. I’ve saved all her letters because they are beautiful and because when you are taking the time to write to someone…you usually make it meanful.

    Thanks for sharing with us,

  4. You know…Grandma McCarty, Aunt Betty and Mama used to write a round robin letter when I was little. I’m not sure why they stopped around 1963-65 timeframe. Grandma would write to Aunt Betty then Aunt Betty would write and send both letters plus “Hints from Heloise” cut out of the Sunday paper to Mama. Mama would write and send everything except Grandma’s letter. They did that weekly for years…I wish Mama would have kept them!

  5. That makes me sad. We really do not take time to write with paper and pencil(or pen). Do they still make pretty stationary? That used to be a nice gift to give someone.

  6. I love writing letters, but rarely do it anymore. I have a box with handwritten letters from my husband’s Nanny and my Grama. I will treasure them forever.

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