September 18

It is Friday, Internet, and I am nosy.

Paper or plastic?



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  1. Plastic if I am in a huge hurry as they always have to “find” some which takes them 15 minutes!! Ugh. Lately I have been remembering to carry in my PINK cloth bag.

  2. Neither one. I have reuseable bags in both cars so I always have one handy. I HATE all of those stupid plastic bags and our local grocery store does not have paper ones.

  3. I should be more eco-friendly but I love the paper ones because I can use them to make microwave carmel popcorn! YUM YUM!
    However, here starting in Dec, stores will no longer have paper OR plastic bags. You’ll have to bring your own!

  4. It is a quandry isn’t it? They all have useful afterlives. But…my choice…if I can remember to bring them is the reusable bags! But I’m with you on using the plastic ones for trash bags in the bathroom. I would LOVE some zucchini…can you drop some off on my porch? That would be lovely 🙂

  5. PLastic-trash can liners and bags for various things. I don’t feel bad at all about getting those…the way I look at it, I am recycling them for another use.:)

    Sometimes I remember my cloth bags, sometimes I don’t. Depends on how low my “stash” of plastic bags is.

  6. Here in Ontario we don’t have that choice. It is plastic only – but now they charge you 5 cents for each bag to encourage using reusable cloth bags – which we use.

  7. Neither. I use my reusable bags. I have four in total: 2 medium-sized ones and 2 large ones. I hang them on my front door, so that before I leave the house, I will remember to put in the car where they stay until I go to the store.

  8. I’ve been really good about bringing my reusable bags with me to the stores. I especially like using them in the stores that take .05 off my total for each bag I use of my own. 😀

  9. Neither I try to remember my reusable bags. If I forget them it is plastic. (My store takes 3 cents off for each reusable bag that is used.)

  10. Paper or reusable bags.
    Even though the plastic may be reused for trash or kitty litter, it will not break down.
    And I love giving things in the paper bags. I think it’s neater.
    What happened to using the paper grocery bags as book covers?

  11. Neither. Reusable bags or I take the not so radical step of just carrying my smaller purchases in my hand. It’s amazing how much cultural conditioning one has to buck to carry a carton of milk down the street without covering.

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