September 17

When we were away at the reunion, one of my Aunt Marty’s sons hopped on his motorcycle and began giving people rides.

I knew that this would happen.

And I knew that this would happen too.

But Superman almost had a heart attack on the spot.


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8 thoughts on “September 17”

  1. Oh dear!!! LOL Poor guy…whats he going to do when she marries a boy???

    My new son-in-law is a biker dude. Now my girl wants to buy a bike of her own now. I am hoping this will pass in time!!!! lol

    1. Oh Aunt Andra!!! It was so much fun!!! So fun just to feel the wind in my hair and to have the warm sun on my face, it was almost perfect. Dad said that the only way I’m getting my crotch rocket is when I get off their insurance. I love you. Have a peachy day y’all!!!

  2. My brother had a motorbike until just last year. He found it to be a very inexpensive way to travel across country – his bike and a tent.

  3. My dad happens to be a dr. who’s had to fix up lots of motorcycle accidents. He once told me he’d disown me if I so much as sat on a moped. Poor Superman. I think that having daughters must be difficult sometimes (but worth, IMO).

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