September 16

The walls went up, and so did this pretty board stuff.

With all the prettiness going on, the lattice looks pretty crappy.

I’m open to suggestions, because we can’t have pretty and crappy living in the same space.

And before they could run wiring they had to clear out this humongous wasp nest.

I don’t like humongous wasp nests.

I do, however, like wiring and the ceiling fan that connects to the wiring.

Then some insulation, because in about 43 years, we might enclose it.

I like being prepared.

I am just so excited, Internet.

We are more than halfway finished…and the best part…I have gotten to see my daddy almost every single day for the last 3 weeks.


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9 thoughts on “September 16”

  1. This is looking marvelous…I agree, paint the lattice…It will dramatically change the look of it, I think.

    I’m so glad you have gotten to see your Daddy every day for the last three weeks. I’m so envious…I’d give anything to see my Daddy again!:)

  2. Lucky you. I can’t wait to see the finished product.
    I am glad you are seeing so much of your dad. Cherish him while you have him. You don’t often realize how much you miss them until they are gone.

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