September 15

I have spoken many times about how wonderful the Mother’s pies are.

Her crusts are always flaky and flavorful.

I have always tried to emulate her pie making skilz, because Internet…the Mother has skilz!

At the same time, I hate rolling out dough.

All the flour.

All the sticking.

All the rolling.

All that mess to clean up.


I’m also a fan of go big or go home, because if it isn’t worth doing right, then why bother?

That is why when I made today’s Flaky Apple Turnovers that Julie of Someone’s in the Kitchen picked for today’s TWD, I sighed a largish sigh and got to work.

The dough is a mock puff pastry.

Which means not only was their rolling, and sticking, and flour and mess, but it was tripled.

Make the dough.

Clean up that mess.


Roll it out.

Clean up that mess.


Roll out again.

Cut circles.

Drop tiny bits of apple filling on circles.

Roll some more.

Oh..and lets not forget to clean up that mess too.

I figured that if I was going to spend an inordinate amount of time rolling, cutting, dropping  and cleaning, I would get some bang for my buck.

So, in went some nutmeg to the apples, and walnuts and caramel on top.

My buck was banged!

These are wonderful tiny pockets of apple goodness.


Alas, they are so good you want to eat more than just one.

Go to Julie’s blog and get the recipe, then double it because I guarantee a single batch will not be enough.


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40 thoughts on “September 15”

  1. I’m sorry but did you GRATE THE BUTTER? If so, that’s genius! And does it work better than cutting through the dough with a pastry blender? I’m so curious as I HATE having to use the pastry blender. It’s so much work! Looking for anything that works better (as I don’t have a food processor, which would make it infinitely easier).

  2. I’m drooling… what a crazy fantastic idea, apple, walnut and ahhhhhh… CAaaaRAaaaaMELllll! (In the voice of Homer!). Wonderful Chic! Simply Wonderful!

  3. I was looking at the pictures thinking ‘IS THAT CARAMEL I SEE BEFORE ME?” And I may have to give these turnovers another go after seeing that…good grief, you just took turnovers to a whole other level!


    Beautiful job!!!!

  4. Yours are always perfect. Everything you make. I messed mine up really good this time and have no one to blame but myself. I love how beautiful yours are and I am sure they tasted just as great.

  5. Beautifully written, beautifully photographed, beautifully made, and I am sure they tasted beautifully wonderful! Caramel…you did that just to tease me b/c I thought I would pop in here and find that you found a way to incorporate chocolate into this…yep, I did. The caramel was very inspired…stealing that idea immediately. Great job.

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