September 10

Those of you who guessed it was Superman were right.

He learned how to sleep that way in the Army.

I couldn’t do it…just couldn’t.

I’d suffocate.

So!  We had a reunion.

And Cousin Jerry hosted.



Bob’s showed up.


Food showed up.


Family who had never met, did and got along.

Imagine that…family…getting along.




I took pictures of people that didn’t know it…muahahahahaha


Then I ate a Schulers doughnut.

Thank you Jerry and Joyce for opening up your home, for spending hours in the kitchen, then hours cleaning up, for a absolutely FABULOUS time.



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11 thoughts on “September 10”

  1. What a wonderful time you must have had!

    Your opening with all the Bob’s reminded me of the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” when Gus introduced all of the Nick’s in the family.

    I want one of those Schuler’s doughnuts. BADLY.

  2. Family reunions can be so much fun. We have multiple Douglas’s and Keith’s in our family. And since we apparently didn’t have enough, someone married a man with the last name Keith!

  3. Looks like soooooo much fun. Was that Jerry’s son with him and Joyce? Looks just like Jerry many years ago!!!
    Who brought the Schuler’s donuts?

  4. Yes…Thanks Cousin Jerry and Joyce for hosting this!
    Thanks for taking the picture of the donuts…I can smell them just looking at the picture!

    1. I can too,Mary. I just might have to go the couple miles from my house to the Schulers Bakery and get some whole wheat and chocolate covered cream filled.

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