September 8

To souffle or not to souffle.

That is the question that Jennifer and I were chatting about last night.

The Boy and I had the same discussion yesterday afternoon.

The Boy: Are you going to make the souffle, mom?

CC:  I don’t know…I’m skeert of the souffle.

Boy: Your giving into your fears.   They are just old wives tales.   It isn’t hard at all.  It is really simple, just cool it down in the oven after you turn it off, and leave the door open.

CC:   Okay….What do souffles taste like?

Boy:  Scrambled eggs.

CC:  Well, that’s it then.   No chocolate scrambled eggs souffle is being made in my kitchen.  I’m not wasting my good chocolate on scrambled eggs.

Boy:  Awh come on! Mom!   Make it pleeeeeease???

CC: Nope.  Not gonna happen.

And it didn’t.

Neither did anything else happen yesterday.


Well, it got washed…but not hung up.  Ugh.


Nope.   I read a book.

Today is a different story though.    I have 2 days worth of stuff to make up for, and I’m already behind.



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10 thoughts on “September 8”

  1. Ahhh, it was better than I thought–I always thought souffles were very eggy. I was chocolate goodness! (BUT, I wasn’t my favorite thing ever and I say–save your chocolate, eat it as is, whatever–and read a book for the second day in a row if you want. No one will know if the kids have on dirty underwear. haha!)

  2. hahahaha!

    I was going to try it last night. And then I kept thinking about the fact that it would taste like scrambled eggs and it made me shudder.

    Ghirardelli/Cadbury/Guittard/Nestle/Hershey etc….. do not walk hand in hand with a scrambled egg flavor. Thanks for the warning!:)

  3. No — it doesn’t taste a bit like scrambled eggs. It’s warm, rich, incredible, cake-battery deliciousness. And I don’t like eggs. You absolutely must give it a try. It was so much easier — and yummier — than I expected!

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