September 5

Ever since the building project began on the back of our house, there have been some angry residents in this home.

They are small, yellow, sting, and most recently been displaced.

Worse yet, they have been plotting revenge on the men that did the displacing.

So yesterday I was in Stuffmart, as I always am on payday, looking for some more Wasp and Hornet spray.

On my way back to the garden department I was also looking for the school supplies because the girl has now realized  she needs some more notebooks, and Hey! shouldn’t the school supplies still be out?

Oh! No!  not on your life!

No school supplies were to be found.

Instead, there was Halloween candy.

HAL-O-WEEN candy.

It is the first week in September.


Who in their right mind would buy Halloween candy 2 months before they are even going to get it out?

It will get stale.

Or maybe not.

I must walk buy and resist, because if I purchase Halloween candy well in advance and stash it where no one else can find it next week hormones will get the better of me and I will think…Oh…I have some candy stashed.

I will tippy toe to get my secret stash.

And at a commercial break while watching re-runs of the Gilmore Girls,  I will look down and there will be a pile of fun size M&M wrappers on the couch beside me and the bag will be empty.

Then I will have to back to Stuffmart to replace said stash.

This will be repeated at least 4 times in the next 8 weeks.

It is a conspiracy, Internet.!

Just say no.

As for the bug spray?  I made the trip past the candy for nothing.

It was all sold out.




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6 thoughts on “September 5”

  1. I went into a Ben Franklin craft store in July and they had Halloween stuff out already! I HATE that we can’t enjoy each season as it comes. Christmas stuff is already out in our craft stores…….sigh!

  2. I was at the Dollar Tree the other day and they have Christmas stuff out already. The yellow things you are referring to are out in full force around our school playground!!! You just reminded me of something, I have to buy Halloween candy this year. First time in 33 years. We have neighbors who have lots of kids.

  3. You are NOT alone. I’ve already bought two bags of 100 grand fun size bars. The candy was so fresh…I couldn’t help myself.

    It IS a conspiracy.

    May the little yellow things buzz off!

  4. We still have school supplies as school doesn’t start here until next week, but yes we have the Halloween candy too and they brought in all the fall/winter clothes last month! You have to shop for shorts in March and parkas in August!

  5. You are cracking me up….The Gillmore Girls, YES! I was an avid viewer until I discoverd NCIS Oh my. I love it that you have chocolate break downs too. Totally think I’m pulling one over on who? Somone else, who knows? Good Luck with those stinging buzz balls and I hope you find the supplies you need.

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