September 3


We are roofing and screening in our back deck.

As you can see, progress is being made.

You can especially tell how much progress is being made by looking at all the muck on the floor.



Scraps of wood.

Bits of trash, and the odd piece of old rotted siding.



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8 thoughts on “September 3”

  1. We have a screened in porch and it is my favorite place in the summer. I love sitting out there on the sofa reading without worrying about the bugs! I recently hung a hummingbird feeder right outside the porch and they hummingbirds come all the time to drink right while we sit there. It is so cool! You will love it!

  2. Screened in porches are wonderful. My daughters and I have great memories of parties, and good times we spent together on our screened porch.

    ps: I bought a snickers bar, for free with a coupon, put it in the freezer and plan to make the cheesecake brownies for a Brownie Bake Off at work. Thanks for the recipe and idea.

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