September 2

I was surprised, Internet.

I figured that lots of you would guess why Teal’s Construction Company was here at my house.

The first order of business was to press gang hire a crew.

Score!   They work for free.

Second order of business was to dismantle my deck.

Offload some sweet tools.

Stare off into the distance.

Climb ladders.

Order the crew about…because you know Internet, the man with the biggest tool belt is the foreman.

Wait!  The boy just informed me that the person with no tool belt is the foreman….I guess he means me!


And stare up into space again.


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9 thoughts on “September 2”

  1. All that staring into space must mean that it’s a tough job. Can’t wait to see the rest of this story…next week sometime. And I don’t mean that it’ll take them a week either…just that I won’t have a computer until then. Hope that all has been well with you!

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