September 1

I was a restless teenager.

I always wanted to be doing something, but I never knew exactly what I wanted to do.

The parents worked and then stayed at home.

No going places except an occasional trip to the mall.

Nothing to help the restless teen.

I vowed I’d always be doing something when I got out on my own.


It has to be in the genes Internet,ย  because I’m a homebody.

I am quite content staying home, doing my own little thing.

These last two weeks, however, life has been stuck on fast forward.

I don’t particularly care for fast forward.

There is all that going places, and not being on a schedule.

These Espresso Cheesecake Brownies, that Melissa of Life in a Peanut Shell picked for today’s TWD,ย  are perfect for fast forward.

I only used 2 bowls~~because I don’t do all that melting of chocolate and butter over the stove~~ and baking time is just half an hour.

These brownies are fabulous.

Please make some for yourself.

You will not be disappointed, especially if your stuck on fast forward.


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38 thoughts on “September 1”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed them… and I’m glad all can enjoy your post this week! It seems I have missed you for a while there…

    Love the blue egg! Very pretty!

  2. OH MY!! I’m coming over to help you eat yours!! There’s no way I could have a whole pan of those at my house – I’d eat them all. They look like what I’d ask for as my last meal.

  3. If you did not melt the butter and chocolate how did you incorporate them into the batter? Looks wonderful and it is great to see your food photography again!

    1. See that glass bowl they are in?

      I stuck that in my microwave and nuked it for 1 min.

      Stir, and if necessary, stick it back in for another 30 seconds.

      I always do Dories recipes this way…saves on time, saves on dishes, and saves on pans to clean up.

  4. I really need to start adding candy bars to my baked goods. For some reason, it’s not something that ever occurs to me. Snickers. Great thinking!

  5. Chic!! Those look amazing. And you put snickers in your brownies. How Great! No topping was a good idea. It wasn’t my thing. But I liked the rest.

  6. How did you get your chocolate to stay on top of the cheesecake layer like that??? Mine just sunk to the bottom and I tried to guess and swirl, but that didn’t work either. Swirly R NOT me. Yours look lovely.

  7. i couldn’t wait to see your version when I knew that this week’s recipe was brownies. and I sure am not disappointed. The brownies look gorgeous. Love the clean and simple swirls. So glad that you love these.

  8. yum yum!!

    i just love the piratey banter of the men in pirates of the carribean!! every time the fiance says “what are you doing” i’ll counter with “no, what ARRRR ya doin'”

    beautiful brownies!!

  9. I laughed all the way to this post, finally found your beautiful brownies. You have great swirls. I didn’t, just blobs of batter that stuck in one spot. They tasted good even the next day. Did you have any left the next day? Probably not with all the construction crew on your back deck. he he
    Great job, ChocolateChic

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