September 29

Have you ever gone to a party where the hostess always has it together?



Then at this particular party, the hostess got all hormonal and couldn’t pull herself together?

Your best friend in the whole world decided to get into a fight with you and ended up in a puddle.

By this time, you are ready to walk out the door.

Just as you are grabbing your purse, a little bit of sugar walks in.

Just a little bit of sugar and cream, but she is a breath of fresh air.

She actually brings the temperature of the party back where it is supposed to be.

You begin to smile, and you put your purse back on the floor.

You go sit next to her and your nutty personality mixes with her sweetness.

And the party looks like it might be salvaged.

After the party is over, and you look back on it the next day,

it really was perfection.

If you’d like to make a little party in your mouth, click over to Carla’s blog called Chocolate Moosey to get the recipe.


September 28

When I was about 8 or so, I remember hunkering down in our basement with Sister and Grams while a tornado went overhead.

Tornadoes + cookies and chips with Grams = fun

When I was about 10, Sister and I were in my room when an earth quake happened.

Earthquake + Sister + Barbies = fun

In 1983, we were moving into a house in Houston right in the middle of a hurricane.

Hurricane + no electricity or water + watching trees blow down the street with Dad = fun

In 2003, our entire family went to the Outer Banks to celebrate my Aunt’s 50th birthday.  We were mandatory  evacuated due to Hurricane Isabella.

Hurricane + vacation + family = fun

Last night a thunderstorm passed through in the early hours of the morning.

Sleep + insanely loud thunder right outside your opened window + an adrenaline rush like you have never had + sitting bolt upright awakened out of a sound sleep + heart pounding for at least 3 minutes after + no sleep for the rest of the night = no fun


September 27

Hello Sunday.

I wish I were waking up to sunshine, but alas…for the 7th?  20th? day in a row, I have awakened to rain, or almost rain.

Sleep…it evades.

Sunshine…it evades.



CC, who is not in a happy place today


September 25

It’s Friday, Internet, and I’m nosy.

I want to know the 3 best things that have happened to you in the last 7 days.

  1. My girl’s smile last night.
  2. The season premiere of The Office
  3. Laughing with the boy while watching Glenn Beck.

Your turn.


September 23

The girl got me up at dark’o’fifteen this morning.

That is even more dark’o’fifteen than I normally get up.

Today is ‘see you at the pole’, and the girls wanted to participate.

So, away I went.

Sans my last 2 hours of sleep.

Sans breakfast.

Sans sanity.

They had doughnuts for all the participants.

I didn’t get one, so now I want a doughnut.

A fresh glazed doughnut.

So fresh that it melts in your mouth when you bite into it.

I need to go back to bed.

Maybe when I wake up there will be a doughnut on the counter.

A girl can dream.



September 22

Today’s TWD is Cottage Cheese Pufflets that Jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes picked these for us today.


Cottage Cheese Pufflets

To be very truthful, when I saw the name of it, I was all  cottage cheese?   in a pufflet?  what exactly is a pufflet, and why in the world would you put cottage cheese in them?

So I perused the question and answers on our lovely TWD blog to see what the hype was about.

Most everyone said that the dough was sticky and had to be chilled, and re-chilled and re-re-chilled.

This chic doesn’t have time for chilling and rolling and patting and marking with a C this week.

So I didn’t.

Next week is something chocolate.

Whooo Hoooo!


September 19

People don’t write anymore.

It is a lost art.

It is way to easy to grab the phone, pull up email, text or Twitter.

I heart this letter.

It gives me a window into the person that wrote it, a window into the person that received it, and a window to my past.

Write a letter today.

It will be slow, but it will mean so much to the person receiving it.

Y’all have my address, right?


September 16

The walls went up, and so did this pretty board stuff.

With all the prettiness going on, the lattice looks pretty crappy.

I’m open to suggestions, because we can’t have pretty and crappy living in the same space.

And before they could run wiring they had to clear out this humongous wasp nest.

I don’t like humongous wasp nests.

I do, however, like wiring and the ceiling fan that connects to the wiring.

Then some insulation, because in about 43 years, we might enclose it.

I like being prepared.

I am just so excited, Internet.

We are more than halfway finished…and the best part…I have gotten to see my daddy almost every single day for the last 3 weeks.


September 15

I have spoken many times about how wonderful the Mother’s pies are.

Her crusts are always flaky and flavorful.

I have always tried to emulate her pie making skilz, because Internet…the Mother has skilz!

At the same time, I hate rolling out dough.

All the flour.

All the sticking.

All the rolling.

All that mess to clean up.


I’m also a fan of go big or go home, because if it isn’t worth doing right, then why bother?

That is why when I made today’s Flaky Apple Turnovers that Julie of Someone’s in the Kitchen picked for today’s TWD, I sighed a largish sigh and got to work.

The dough is a mock puff pastry.

Which means not only was their rolling, and sticking, and flour and mess, but it was tripled.

Make the dough.

Clean up that mess.


Roll it out.

Clean up that mess.


Roll out again.

Cut circles.

Drop tiny bits of apple filling on circles.

Roll some more.

Oh..and lets not forget to clean up that mess too.

I figured that if I was going to spend an inordinate amount of time rolling, cutting, dropping  and cleaning, I would get some bang for my buck.

So, in went some nutmeg to the apples, and walnuts and caramel on top.

My buck was banged!

These are wonderful tiny pockets of apple goodness.


Alas, they are so good you want to eat more than just one.

Go to Julie’s blog and get the recipe, then double it because I guarantee a single batch will not be enough.


September 14

After the rafters went up, roofing began.

With some help from the boy.

After the roof was finished, walls began to go up.

Dad decided to stick build the walls instead of building the wall and setting it up.

It makes it stronger that way, or so he says.

I just live here.

And take pictures.

A view from the inside,



and the weary men who are working so hard.


September 11

I don’t get out much, but in these last 2 weeks, I have traveled through Columbus that many times.

And in these recent travels, I have noticed some ugly vehicles.


I also noticed one other thing.

Hybrids can not go fast.

Every single one that I saw was in the Granny lane.

I would say to the chips…”See the hybrid over there….see me pass the hybrid.”…giggling all the way.

I heart going fast.

I’d really, really, really like to have a Dodge Charger.

One lives down the street, and I drool every time I see it.

It is Friday Internet, and I am nosy.

What is the ugliest vehicle you have ever seen?

For me, it is the Nissan Cube.    It looks like someone took a cracker box and stuck it on a chassis.