August 31

My dad has always been able to fix stuff.


It doesn’t matter what it is, he can fix it.

Unfortunately, Superman is not a fixer, so every so often a phone call is necessary.


Dad: Hello!

CC:  Yes, is this Teal’s Small Engine Repair?

Dad: Hello!

CC:  Yes, is this Teal’s Heating and Cooling?

Dad:  Hello!

CC:  Yes, is this Teal’s Plumbing?

Dad:  Hello!

CC:  Yes, is this Teal’s Electrical?

Dad:  Hello!

CC:  Yes, is this Teal’s Automotive?

Dad:  Hello!

CC:  Yes, is this Teal’s Construction?

Dad: Yes it is.

CC:  Good.   I have some construction supplies laying in my side yard, can you come do something with it?

Dad:  Of course.   I’ll be right over.

I really like this Teal’s thing…he is always right over, and the price is always just right.



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10 thoughts on “August 31”

  1. It’s the same in my house – my husband is not very handy, and my dad is. The problem? My dad lives 7 hours away, so I don’t get to call and say, Daddy, I need you to come over. But when they do come, it’s daddy, here’s the list of supplies you’re going to need, how long can you stay?

  2. My dad was incredibly handy. He built a garage, sunroom, and two decks on our house. He also built the furniture in my brother’s rooms! He could build/ fix pretty much anything too. He was very ill while we were working on finishing our basement so he gave lots of verbal instructions to help my husband. I am blessed to have married a man who can also build or fix most anything. He has built two beautiful bookcases for us and a quilt rack. He would do more but with grad school and a full time job, not much is getting done here!

  3. What a wonderful thing to have in a Dad. Mine was the same way, I don’t think there was a thing that man couldn’t do!!!!

  4. Yeah my dad is pretty handy though hubby is more so except that he’s not as good at fixing the computers as dad is. When we go visit anyone, and I mean anyone even around here, they have projects for him to do.

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