August 30

Generally I put a funny video on Sunday’s because my Sunday mornings are all busy with that getting ready for church and all.

Today, I want to know what was the best part of your day yesterday.

Mine?   Watching my girl laugh.

Laughter makes me happy.


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6 thoughts on “August 30”

  1. Laughter is truly a wonderful thing…what a wonderful way to spend a day!

    The best part of my day was being curled up on the sofa, my husband in the recliner beside me, watching “Two Weeks Notice” on tv.

  2. Seeing grandchildren, visiting with daughters, soon to be son-in-law & friends…how could it be better then being around people we love & love us!!!

  3. Mine was seeing my girl laugh too! After being sick for 10 days with lots of pain laughter was not on the top of her agenda.

    ” It feels good to feel good!” quoted from my girl.

  4. The best part of my day was when I put the finishing touches on my classroom at school. A lot of time and hard work went into it. Open house was today. Went well. My whole new class will appear tomorrow. Pray for me, please.

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