August 27

I’d love to tell you that the last 2 weeks, spent without my beloved computer was spent on the couch watching Oprah and eating bon-bons.

I’d love to tell you that the time I spent using the boy’s lap top was the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had using a computer.

Let me just pause here to say playing Farm Town on a lap top is torture.

Pure, unadulterated torture.

Alas, bon-bons and Oprah were not on the to do list.


No.   Those two weeks were spent painting.

Painting spindles, and floor with oil based paint.

Waiting for  it to dry, then giving it a second coat of paint.

Painstakingly painting color onto spindles in 95º heat.

Waiting for it to dry in the glorious air conditioned house in front of a lap top, wringing my hands…waiting for my computer parts to be in.

Adding more color to spindles, listening to the neighbor man blast Aerosmith from his garage.

Now that it is finished, the weather has cooled off.

My timing leaves a lot to be desired.



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24 thoughts on “August 27”

  1. Yes, the weather is cooler so that you can actually sit out there and enjoy spying on your neighbours without melting away 🙂

  2. Great job! The porch looks completely different. LOVE the touches of color you added to the spindles.

    Did you remember to thank the Government for the little check for your home improvements? It was money well spent CC. (don’t be surprised if next tax season you owe the money back to them……plus interest. 😉 )

  3. The porch looks great. Hope you get plenty of time to enjoy sitting on the porch. Maybe with a nice glass of iced tea or lemonade and something chocolate.

  4. It’s beautiful and I love the splashes of colors on the columns & spindles. Now wasn’t that better than playing Farm Town? I know it is better than watching anything Oprah!

  5. Your porch looks great! So glad that you were able to get it done. I love that you have an outlet box right there on the steps, so many homes in the states don’t have outlets outside.

  6. i have been meaning to paint my front door since the spring but first my allergies were too bad and then it’s too hot… maybe i’ll get to it this fall or early winter.

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