August 23

This is absolutelly AWEsome.


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  1. This is so cool! I was watching the sunset and thinking how beautiful it was. And then I was reminded that the same God who made the sunset, made ME. I am more beautiful than the sunsets!!! Praise the Lord!

    1. OK, I did a Google on Laminin and found a blog that I checked out – I didn’t want to link it here as some of the content is questionable – where I found a fascinating picture. To be sure that it was from where the author claimed, Hubble Space Telescope, I went ahead and Googled that. If you go to (sorry that is such a messy link) you will see the image I am talking about. It is fascinating. If this link does not show up then do a Google on Hubble Space Telescope, then black hole, go to page 8 and it is the bottom right and labeled stellar black holes.

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