August 22

My friend and I were talking the other day and she had a theory.

She theorized that romance novels really only appeal to those who are young and ready for romance, those who are in a relationship that is lacking romance, or those who are divorced and looking for romance.

I theorized something slightly different.

So, y’all are going to help me do a ‘scientific’ poll.



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13 thoughts on “August 22”

  1. I actually dislike romance books because they seem so unrealistic and only make me disappointed at the real-life lack of dramatic romance. I would probably enjoy a true story of the ups and downs better.

  2. I’m happily married to a guy who is WAY more romantic than you could imagine.

    I love a good romance.

    It can’t be smutty. It can’t be stupid.

    I like it best if it’s not overly dramatic.

    I read the likes of Francine Rivers, Dee Henderson, Karen Kingsbury, Angela Hunt, Deanne Gist, Beverly Lewis – you know, stuff you find at – good books! (I love that I can get them at such reduced prices.)

    So – I did respond to the poll up there, but I probably don’t fit exactly into one category.

  3. Lisa, it sounds as if you should read Pioneer Woman’s Black Heels to Tractor Wheels – it’s true and a great story.

  4. I took the poll and selected the last option. I really like to read but romance novels are sorta empty of plot and content. I will check on the authors dinamcb mentioned.

  5. Years ago when my son was a toddler I was convicted to not read romance novels and so gave them up. By romance novels I am talking about the Harlequin and such series. I have found that some of the Christian fiction writers do very well with romance novels that are touching, romantic yet not graphic.

  6. I, too, like to purchase from
    I like the romance novels, as long as it is squeaky clean and has some Biblical value too. I am
    totally hooked on the Amish Fiction (Beverly Lewis, Wanda Brunstetter, etc.)

    My husband is very romantic, especially when he is not dozing off in his chair! OK, I have been known a time or two to doze off, I must confess.

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