August 21

Hey Internet!  It is Friday, and I am nosy.

I was laying in bed this morning, reveling in just how comfortable my bed is, and whining to myself about how much I didn’t want to get up.

Pouting actually.

Then I began wondering…how many pillows do you sleep with?   Do you match your sheets with your bedding?   Do you use pillow shams?   Do you use a ‘huggie’ pillow?  Do you love your bed?

I heart my bed.

I heart my 2 pillows, and my huggie pillow.

I heart my matching bedding, and my matching pillow shams.



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  1. The best bed ever is the Heavenly Bed at the Westin hotels. Bar none….the most heavenly bed. They sell them and I’m still trying to convince the Farmer that we need one.

    I’m addicted to my buckwheat husk pillow. I have three that I arrange to perfectly cradle my head. The smallest one travels with me everywhere. If you look closely in airports you’ll see people clutching their buckwheat pillows!

    The pillow shams are on some cheap pillows I bought for the purpose. We just toss those off the bed in the evening.

    In addition to the Heavenly Bed and bedding, I’m longing for some really good, high thread count sheets because life is too short to sleep on bargain sheets.

    – Suzanne

  2. We have a sleep number bed and I love it since I like a soft bed and my DH likes a hard bed…I’m a 50 and he’s a 85 right now. We sleep with one pillow each. My sheets match my comforter set and I do have matching shams that are just for decoration.

  3. Love my bed – love my 800 thread count sheets that are fabulous winter & summer. They go well enough with our duvet cover, but do not actually match. No shams – too bothersome – moving pillows. I have one water pillow, hubby has 3 reg pillows (one is a huggy pillow) I hug hubby 🙂

      1. It has a water bladder on the bottom side, and a reg pillow on the top (so you can’t flip it). You add as much water to get the firmness you want. I bought it at my chiropractor’s – greatest invention if you get a sore neck/shoulders like I do.

  4. My husband and I recently went on a vacation to a cottage resort community. First time in my LIFE I’ve ever stayed at a resort-y kind of place. It spoiled me rotten…I didn’t want to come home to my pilled up frumpy Target sheets. (I’m not bashing Target, I heart Target, but my sheets are older than dirt!)

    The cottage used Frette sheets. They are the sheets all baby sheets aspire to be when they grow up. They also used Cuddledown pillows and a Cuddledown comforter from a company in Maine.

    I have three pillows, and they are in pretty sad shape. One is a standard pillow and the two others are king pillows. One would think that would be like sleeping on a mountain…but, again, these pillows are in a sad state.

    We have a pillowtop Serta mattress & box springs. It is awesome! And our quilt and pillow shams match, but we don’t sleep on the pillows with the pillow shams on them.

    Great post! My apologies for being long winded!

  5. 1 pillow, nothing matches. Well the furniture does. I picked it out at the ripe old age of 20. It’s lovely.

    I plan to sew appliqued and quilted things for it someday when I can pry my fingers off my keyboard.

  6. I love my pillowtop mattress on my king bed. We both use one pillow, but when he gets up I cuddle with his pillow. Nothing matches and like appliejuice I don’t care either. The furniture does and that is fine!

  7. gotta be honest with ya, since everyone else is, I sleep on 500 TC sheets & pillowcases. They were costly but I saved up for them. I love my bed to be my cocoon. No shams, no snuggle pillow as my sheets are heavenly. I highly highly advise people to invest on high tc sheets–what a difference.

  8. We purchased the Heavenly Bed, king size, in February. It IS Heavenly!!! I highly recommend this mattress to everyone. I now heart my bed. DH & I both sleep with 2 pillows each. I have decorative king size pillows that only go on the bed in the morning when making it. I rotate quilts that I have collected over the past 10 years on my many trips to Silver Dollar City in Branson Missouri.

    Suzanne, convince the Farmer, He will thank you for it! I promise!!! Sweet, sweet dreams. 🙂

  9. Oh, please let’s talk about my bed. I love it so. Crisp white sheets, white pillow cases, white down comforter, white shams, and one throw pillow that is white with a bold green tropical leaf on it.

    My bed is a regular spring mattress with a 4″ memory foam topper, so it feels like a soft cozy nest. I use one firmer memory foam pillow and one soft squishy feather pillow. The feather pillow is my snuggie.

    My room is right off the kitchen and laundry room and I never hesitate to treat myself to a brief retreat during the day – just a quick slip under those covers – an escape from life for 5 or 10 minutes.

    Oh I love my bed. Thanks for asking 🙂

  10. We have a blah bed. It isn’t super comfy but it is not as lumpy and sad as our old one was. The sheets are red flannel and go with, but don’t match, the quilt. Matching shams and two little decorative crocheted pillows come off at night, and the two pillows we each sleep with. I found a pretty little crocheted ‘thing’ at a thrift shop that perfectly fits across the bottom of the bed and goes nicely with the room.

    DH appreciates non of this of course but it makes my little heart happy to see the matchy-matchyness daily.

  11. I ♥ my bed. I had an old waterbed that finally sprung a leak. It was from my old marriage and I took it with me after the divorce. So once it died, I knew it was time finally for a new bed. After all I had a new life with a new man. So I went shopping and shopping and shopping and finaly found the bed of my dreams. I have a blog about it on my site.

    This bed is handmade carved oak wood. I love to touch it and look at it. It will be the last bed I sleep in so I wanted what I wanted this time. I have matching comforters and sheets. But I buy 400+ count now. They feel wonderful. I have a Cal. King bed so its expensive to buy that size. So what I do is buy from QVC. Their Northern Nights collection is often on specials. I can get Cal King, high count sheet sets with the deeper pockets so they fit anything for less than $100. In fact the last set I bought…any size was $48 a set.

    I love that bed so much now. I never wanna get out of it ! lol

  12. I sleep on a serta with a pillowtop. I use 2 pillows under my head and two beside me(I don’t know why), I have pillowshams that are part of my comforter set, but don’t sleep on them.

    I use 800 count egyptian cotton sheets that go well with my comforter but didn’t come with it.

    My grandchildren all want to sleep in my bed when they come so I end up in the spare bedroom.

  13. Jose and I love our bed! It is an individually sdjustable air mattress. We each have 2 pillows…one cheap and the other latex foam. I buy all my bedding at thrift stores…I am a sheet snob…it must be the soft and 100% cotton. I don’t know the tread count but I know what feels good! Nothing matches but is in the same color scheme.

  14. I love our kind size bed. I love my one king size pillow that I rest my weary head on and most of all I LOVE the body pillow I sleep with–it it huge, wraps all the way around me. Started withr regular sized body pillows when I was pregnant with my first (age 11), with my last pregnancy (youngest-age 2 1/2), I talked my husband into getting me a bigger body pillow. I will never be able to sleep without it. Hotels are the worst when I can’t take it with me. What I love most about the wrap around pillow is that when I roll over, I don’t have to move the pillow with me! It’s awesome!

  15. One pillow, made out of memory foam on one side and fluffy stuff on the the other. Matching sheets, white. I love white sheets. High thread count and cotton sateen.
    The mattress, nova foam from Costco, with a featherbed topper. Light blanket in the summer, down blanket in the winter.
    All covered by a white mattelesse with matching shams. On the end of the bed a beautiful red quilt.
    I also heart my bed 🙂
    Oh, and various decorative pillows that serve no other purpose but to make me happy.

  16. I choose only white bedding and duvets for my bed. And, I too agree that life is Too short to sleep in cheap sheets!

    Everything matches – all the sheets to pillow cases and duvet to sheet set/pillow cases.

    I sleep with 2 down pillows but our bed has a total of 11 pillows when made.

    I also heart my bed!

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