August 19

Hello Internet, this is Chocolatechic reporting to you live from the dining room table.

Yesterday when I went searching for that picture of the brownie buttons, I found that I had a few pictures uploaded that I hadn’t posted about.

Whoo hoo for foresight!

A couple of weeks ago, the girl and I went over to the parents house to celebrate Dad’s birthday.

After all the festivities, the Mother begged for a pedicure.

It reminded me of when Sister and I were in our teens.

Sister would ask me to paint her toe nails, and I was oh. so. willing.

Because once I started, I wouldn’t just paint her toe nails, I’d paint her entire toe.

Interestingly, Sister still loves me.



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  1. Severasl years ago my sisters and mom got together for a girls weekend and did manicures,pedicures, hair and all kinds of neat things. Even the warm wax soaks.

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