August 18

So as not to deprive you of a baked goods picture, here is one from last week.

Good news Internet!

I should have my computer up and running by Friday.

It is a good thing too, because I don’t know how much longer I can stand typing on this lap top.

It is enough to drive one to spit, and you know that ladies shouldn’t spit.

I always make my TWD on Monday’s, that way I have fresh dessert for the company that comes over on Tuesday evenings.

Alas, I do not have a TWD today.

Not only because I can not upload photo’s, but because yesterday was fraught with…well, fraught…

It all started when I slept in till 9am.~~Daddy, don’t faint~~Sleeping in till 9am always spells wonky schedule, and I heart my schedule.

Then I rushed around so I could be at a friends house at 9:30.

I didn’t rush fast enough, because I didn’t arrive till 10.

I blame my bowl of rice crispies.

I was at the friends house till 2:45.

Then I had to pick up the girl at church at 3, because she was coming home from a weekend camping trip.

But vehicle troubles caused them to be late.

So, I went back home to wait for a phone call letting me know when the girl had arrived.

3 hours later, I picked up one smelly but happy girl.

Therefore, fraught and a bowl of rice crispies caused me to not make TWD.

Next week however, you will be inundated with pictures and TWD’s and all manner of good things.



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12 thoughts on “August 18”

  1. Wow, What a day! Glad to know you’ll be back to normal on Friday!

    (And I agree, I HATE typing on a laptop….I don’t like those things…but will use one if I have to.)

  2. I love my laptop for all that I can do with it, the being anywhere is a definite advantage over being stuck to a desk. My biggest drawback is the size of the screen especially when I’m editing photos.

    Glad that your computer will be back up and running by Friday as I miss all that you post, the pictures the stories the woes and especially the laughter!!

    Glad you had a good visit with your friend but sorry that you were not able to make a great dessert to share with company.

  3. OMG yesterday must have been World Fraught Day – I had one as well! First of all one of my three cats brought a live mouse into the house, I had to catch it and take it outside and let it go. Then the hot water tap in the kitchen wouldn’t turn off – had to get neighbour to sort it. Then my husband phoned me from work and the phone cut out on me for no apparent reason – came back to normal after about 10 minutes! I felt like going back to bed!!!

  4. You don’t say!? We were in the same gunk…

    I too was deprived of my pc, but contrary to you, never found the courage to type on my bubie’s laptop. YUK. Just can’t.

    But ah! Freedom! I’m back… to admirer that sweet cupcake of yours!

    Hopefully you get the same luck I have soon!

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