August 16

Hi there Internet.

I want to know if you read my blog from a feed reader?   do you have it saved to ‘my favorites’?  or do you type it in every day?

A feed reader is an Internet thingie that tells you when someone has posted to their blog so you don’t have to visit it every day.

I see that I don’t have mine visible…I must rememdy that.


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      1. I’m not real certain how people make gobs of money from their blogs but don’t they use “adsense” for some smaller blobs along the side. I don’t think they pay a fortune but maybe make a bit of money on the side while utilizing your gift of blog.

  1. I’m subscribed via RSS and it downloads into Outlook for me when I’m at home.

    Right now I’m in the hospital and reading via a transfer of my feeds to Google reader. When I want to comment, then I click to go to the actual blog.

    Does that make sense?

  2. You’re in my Google Reader. I’m not sure how I lived without it, yet I also don’t want to know how much more time I spend reading blogs now that I have it.

  3. I type you in every day. You and PW.

    Oh friend, will you please pray for my sister Liz. She has kidney cancer. Just found out about 1am this morning. Second sister (of 4 of us girls) to get the diagnosis. Jesus, please be with Liz and daughters Lauren and Maddy.

  4. How did they add you to Google reader? I have you in my favorites and forget to look there from time to time. I would love to add you to my reader. You’re one of my favorite blogs.

    1. To add to Google Reader just click on the orange box box in the URL box at the top. A page will come up with a way to add to a Reader – if Google is your default that is the one that will come up.

  5. I have you listed under “Blogs I Enjoy” on my blog so that I can just click away every day. This Google Reader sounds kind of fun…maybe I’ll see what that’s all about.

  6. You are in my “favorites”–at the top. The other feeds and so forth–I am so computer ignorant–I don’t know what these thingies are!

  7. Bummer about your computer! May it all be taken care of soon.
    I do have all my favorite blogs in the Google Reader, that way I never miss a post. (Not to say, I’m not a bit behind on lots of them, but that’s beside the point! 😉

  8. You are in my favorites even though I always read your name as chocolate techie instead of chololate chic. I think I need reading glasses!

  9. You are in my favorites. I have a folder called “mom” and put blogs I read in there. There are 6 of us sharing one laptop at the moment, so I haven’t done much customizing at this point. When in the budget, I hope to get another PC. And that is one big WHEN!

  10. You are the first blog I go to every morning-and this morning you didn’t post. Wahhh!
    You are in my favorites-because you are. You make me laugh out loud and start my day out right.
    I hope you have a new post tomorrow AM.

  11. I type it in every time or use the TWD blogroll link, because lists scare me – I have subscribed to so many mailing lists from stores and news sites that I feel a little bewildered, so I prefer to just visit when I take the urge.

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