August 15!

Oh Internet!

Please mourn with me.

The processor on my beloved is dead.

Like as in no resurrecting the poor thing.

So…I’m stuck for the moment on the boy’s computer.

Which means no pictures.

I could just cry!



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13 thoughts on “August 15!”

  1. I will cry for you! Take lots of pictures now and just think of all the wonderful things you will have to show us during the long months of winter! It will be fantabulous!

    Thanks for your blog and your thoughts and your cooking. You put me to shame darlin’ but surprisingly I’m o.k. with this.


  2. oh no! well, find some comfort in I think everyone goes thru a crashed or fried computer at some point unfortunately. you can come over to my food blog if you’re bored, I have lots of pictures. and I have a fan under my laptop to prevent fry-age. LOL

  3. so sorry… does this mean a whole new computer?? Did you have your pictures backed up somewhere???
    I love computers when they work. But they drive me nuts when they don’t.
    Maybe you should get a laptop…. they come in pink!!!!

  4. I think you should get the pink laptop that has the handle, it kinda of looks like a purse…wherever you go, it would always be the perfect accessory.:)

    (How will we handle next weeks TWD with no opening shot of butter?) *faints*

  5. Oh my goodness, how awful. When my computer went for “a good sort out” I felt as if I’d lost a limb.
    Let’s hope it won’t be too long before your’s is up and running again. I’m sure all your fans will still read your excellent blog every day, and we’ll look forward to seeing lots of pictures when you are fully back. And don’t forget to back them up on a disk or something! In the meantime, see you on Facebook.

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