August 14

Hey Internet!!!

Still on the boy’s lap top.


Although..I am enjoying sitting on the couch watching Fox News and type this out.

It is Friday, and I’m nosy.

Since I am having to use my back door, and am not liking it much, I want to know…

Do you use your front door, your back door, or your garage door the most.

I’d love to have a garage door…but that would mean I would have to have a garage first.



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26 thoughts on “August 14”

  1. As a general rule we use the back door that goes into the house from the garage! I love it when the weather is nasty and I can just walk 10 steps from the car to the house!

  2. We recently moved into a new home and I honestly don’t think I could even tell you what color the front door is. I never go out the front, always the back and that is where I welcome my guest. My daughter uses the garage. You do have me wondering now what color the front door is and if it needs to be painted!

  3. I use the front door and the back door pretty equally.

    I use the front door if I’m going somewhere.

    I use the back door if I’m just going outside or need to check on the kids. 🙂

  4. We definitely use the back door 99% of the time. It is closest to the garage which is not attached to the house. Isn’t there a saying that goes something like “My back door is always open for my friends or something”? Front door is too much hassle with the dogs wanting to get out and bark at the mail man.

      1. Yes I know you use my front door which is fine. It is only a pain when I have 2 4 legged friends who cant wait to get out the door.

  5. I only have one door. The front door. So I have to use that. That leads down the hall to an elevator, down another hallway to a door that unlocks with a key fob, then another door outside of that. I have to go through ALL of that lugging groceries in and to get fresh air. I really miss living in a house sometimes…minus the lawn maintenance.

  6. I only have one door to my tiny house. I long for a bigger house with a separate entrance and mudroom for these 4 messy children, but for now, only one entrance.

  7. oooo I can’t wait to get a house where I can have more than one door to go in and out of. we are renting an 1800 s.f. house with one door and a set of sliders with no key. weird huh?

  8. Front door – would have to open the garage to get to the garage door and the back door is through the gate that locks from the inside- also back doors are sliding glass and have no key lock – so that wouldn’t work anyhow 🙂

  9. I use the front door that opens at the carport the most. The official front rarely gets used, probably because there are no stairs to the front porch. I want to change that someday. I use the back door to check on the garden.

  10. Back door is mainly used to let the dogs out and in. The front door is the one people come through. We have a garage but no direct access via the house.

  11. Garage door. We just park and walk through the door right into the family room. I really hate my front door, as it opens right into my dining room.

  12. I for sure use the garage door the most, and as grateful as I am FOR our garage, I learned something different that I want in my dream home–the garage door needs to enter in to the kitchen. Ours enters in to the entry way near the front door. We then trapse through the living room with groceries, etc. There is a noticeable dirt path that I don’t like. If you ever do get a garage, have it connect to the kitchen! 😉

  13. I park in the garage, close the garage door, get out of the car and go into the house. The garage leads into the laundry room, where I keep my coat, purse, shoes, etc. It is so nice. I’ll never go back.

  14. Living in an apartment styled such as ours, we have only one door. I don’t mind it though. We used to live in an apartment when we were first married that had five doors in it to exit through.

  15. We come in from the garage through the laundry/mud room into the kitchen. The front door is for company.
    We actually have 6 exterior doors.
    Garage door
    Laundry room door
    Sunroom door
    Front door
    Sliding patio basement door
    Utility room basement door
    I never realized we had so many…

  16. Only one door into my apartment condo. The slider is out to the balcony; but, since I am on the 2nd level I can’t use it as an entrance. When I had the house it was usually the front door.

  17. Definitely the garage door and in through the laundry room. But guests have to come through the front door because the garage and laundry room are too messy! We use the backdoor a good bit because we swim a lot in the summer and like to eat dinner out on the patio; but for regular coming and going, it’s the garage door.

  18. We use the front door. If the garage wasn’t used as our storage room, and we could actually park there, then I’d use the garage door. The dogs use the back door.

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