August 15?

I’m sitting here typing on the boy’s lap top.

Why would I be doing that?

Because my PC needs a ‘heat sinc’, and I ordered one 2 weeks ago, and it was supposed to be in on Monday, but the man who had spikes though his cheeks has yet to call me to let me know it is in.

Today, my beloved computer decided to revolt.

I had pictures and a recipe and everything.

Since I haven’t been able to be on the computer, the boy and I put the second coat of paint on the front porch.

Pictures forthcoming when Cheekspikes gets me my part for my computer.



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2 thoughts on “August 15?”

  1. Very funny post, especially the “Cheekspikes” thing! Hilarious. Oh and, is it SATURDAY, August 15 already? I want to live where you live, where it’s Saturday even on Thursday. 🙂

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