August 10

After Superman spent a long 13 days away from us, he took the rest of last week off.

I think he was hoping for a vacation, but I told him that the Bible says if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

Then I cracked my whip over his head, said ‘get busy and I don’t know about you but I’m eating fried chicken for supper’.

It’s true except for the whip and the fried chicken.

And lest you think I’m a total tyrant, he did get his required ‘union’ break…as long as he kept on working.



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21 thoughts on “August 10”

  1. Poor Guy. he had to dance for 13 days & then you made him work even more for his honey??????? I bet he even brought you home a basket. You don’t make him wear that bee suit at home do you? I didn’t know he did a red White & blue bee suit too. Can we hire him for a special at church??

    1. That ‘poor guy’ got to eat out every meal, stay in a hotel, signed autographs, had his pictures take, and was a general ‘rock star’.

      Of course I made him work.

      No…he didn’t bring me home a basket, but he did bring me home 3 pounds of Hershey Kisses.

      1. Smart man, he knows what you really want him to bring home and since he couldn’t afford the bling he brought you chocolate which I’m sure you enjoyed just as much. 🙂

      1. I see some red and purple flowers.

        I know you think of me everytime you look at your house with the lovely red trim and yellow siding (or is that cream color). My house is yellow and has a red door. No flowers, because I just kill them.

  2. union break= stop working
    keep working= no break……can’t do both at the same time….

    Happy anniversary to your mother….41 yrs today

    1. YIKES!

      How in the world did I forget that???

      Happy Anniversary, you two.

      Superman belongs to a totally different union. It is called ‘marriage’….snicker…and that WAS his break….

  3. This post completely cracked me up!

    And I had NO idea (until receiving my recent Country Living Magazine) that the Longaberger home office is shaped like a Longaberger basket. HOW COOL!

      1. I have one Longaberger basket that my MIL gave me a few years ago for Christmas. It’s one of the long rectangular baskets with no handle. It has a liner and one of the inserts. I use it to hold envelopes of stuff (dressings, oatmeal, etc) in my pantry that generally would fall through the cracks of the shelves.

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