August 6

My very first foray into learning how to sew came along when I was about 9 or 10.

We were over at my Grandma Teal’s (dad’s mom) house and she decided it was high time that Sister and I learned how to patch clothing.

Grandma took an old piece of cloth and cut all different shapes of holes and different kinds of rips and showed us how to patch them.

Grandma was nothing if not very practical.

I have had others teach me different things.

Mom taught me how to hand stitch, and may I just say that I can do a mean blind stitch.

A friend taught me how to put a quilt top together and tie it off.

An Amish lady taught me how to quilt them together.

I don’t know how many quilts I have made, but I’m working on another.

I have been working on this quilt for about 4 years now.

That might be because I’m just a bit of a slacker.


But a couple of months ago, a friend of mine asked if we could sew together.

She needed some inspiration.


So did I!

She is making a baby quilt and IĀ  pulled out my flannel quilt squares that had been moldering in a plastic tub in the girls closet for about 4 years.

Even though I pouted the entire time you were showing me how to patch, thanks Grandma.

Your legacy lives on.



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17 thoughts on “August 6”

  1. I use to try to so very hard to please my mother and grandmother by ‘wanting’ to learn to sew – I would sit for hours in front of the sewing machine, but get up in tears and never finish a project! I HATED it!!! Now 30 years later – I love it! I can’t get enough of it and I wish I could do more of it!

    Maybe I can find some motivation from your post to finish a quilt that I’ve had ‘in the bag’ for over a year!!!

    Can’t wait to see finished pictures of your quilt! Good for you!!!

  2. When you finish the quilt, please share it with us. I love to quilt — maybe it’s the fabric stash part — so I always enjoy seeing what others create. I belong to a guild of 300+ members, who are inspiring and friendly and supportive.

  3. I would love to be able to sew but I just get no enjoyment from it. The machines have a tendency to break while I am using them šŸ™„ so I am left with hand stitching and that is just too tedious for me. My hubby now is very good at sewing he just does not have much time for it. Usually when he does get the machine out it is to repair his work coveralls and then it is put away again.

  4. I love that you’ve stuck with it. So many learn a few things as children and then it gets filed away in a never to be visited again file.

    What a wonderful legacy to have learned from your Mom and Grandma. My Grandma was a big time quilter – well into her 90’s – always everything by hand. But she was also a perfectionist – and so no one else could do it as well. So I didn’t learn.

    Sew? Who ME? Nah….

    Now KNIT – you betcha! šŸ™‚

  5. I remember my grandma doing all kinds of crafts with us, teaching me crochet and knitting (the crochet I still do, but the knitting I just could never get the hang of!) and baking lots of cookies and cake decorating. Those were special times with my grandma!

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